Eleana Davidson

2 months ago

The results are in, and the wait is finally over; the winners of the Edurank Awards 2020 are here. We have 18 sought-after awards, which we have sent out to the world’s top-performing institutions.

Congratulations to this year’s winners, and don’t forget to share your Edurank Award pics on social media using the #EdurankAwards hashtag. We’ll be emailing out website badges to all winner’s in the post, so watch this space.

Here are your 2020 Edurank Award winners (drum roll please…)

Social Media Performance of the Year

University: Cambridge University

College: Yeovil College

Business School: GISMA Business School

Independent School: Royal Grammar School

University International Profile: Cambridge University International Profile

UK universities

Facebook: Oxford University

Twitter: University of Glasgow

YouTube: DMU

UK colleges

Facebook: Cherwell College Oxford

YouTube: Wirral Metropolitan College

Twitter: Arts Educational Schools, London

Business schools

Facebook: GISMA Business school

YouTube: GISMA Business school

Twitter: MIT Sloan School of Management

US institutions

Best Social: Texas A&M University

Facebook: Walden University

Twitter: Texas A&M University

YouTube: Chamberlain College of Nursing

And there’s now the opportunity to enter yourselves in the next tier of the Edurank awards, our nominated categories, powered by Think Student. These awards will be judged by a panel of students from the Student Hut, 40,000 diverse and engaged students. This is the first education awards which will be decided by students – after all, they are the ones you want engaging with your content.

Click here to enter.

Congrats to all the winners and good luck with the next round of awards!

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Eleana Davidson

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