Matt Payne

5 years ago

The Business School Edurank is an important tool that benchmarks your institution’s social media activity against your key competitors’. The rank is a global table, which means your Business School is competing with and benchmarked against, others all over the world.

The business school market, and MBA courses, in particular, are fiercely competitive, with prospective students looking to all corners of the globe to find the program that’s right for them. As such, business schools need to be running large-scale student recruitment campaigns in order to keep an edge on their competition. Edurank is an invaluable resource that helps you to identify what is working well and resonating with your target audience.

How’s it looking in the USA then?

Business Schools in America have the edge over Europe in the current Edurank charts, with six US institutions featuring in the top thirteen:  

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • Harvard Business School.
  • The Fuqua School of Business.
  • Columbia Business School.
  • MIT Sloan School of Management.
  • Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University

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Looking at the activity from three top US Business Schools on Edurank, we can see the highest performing posts were those that shared articles for people to learn from. This could be because MBA students are eager to read and share academic based information, more so than learning about student life. MBA students tend to be in their mid to late-twenties and have already experienced the college lifestyle. So, instead of wanting posts on quirky college experiences or campus entertainment, they are are instead looking to engage with more informative content.

Stanford Graduate School of Business did very well in the Edurank Awards, winning Best YouTube Performance and the prestigious Edurank’s Social Media Performance of the Year. One of their highest performing videos, which generated an impressive 23,961 page views, was the recording of a talk by the CEO of LinkedIn – who was giving a presentation as part of  Stanford’s ‘Top Talk’ series.  

People who are studying business are going to find an inspirational talk from someone of this calibre extremely beneficial. This type of video would also work as a great recruitment tool, as it appeals to prospective students by showing the standard of speakers the institution can offer.

Harvard Business School has topped the Edurank charts eight times in the last 14 months, so certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to social media. On Twitter, the institution shared an article from the Harvard Business School Review portal on how to motivate employees. The article appeals to prospective MBA students, new graduates and alumni. Harvard usefully included the author’s Twitter handle within the tweet, so that users can research the professor who wrote it, and have also included a striking image – which will help the content stand out on a busy timeline.

US Business Schools are taking a similar approach over on Facebook. MIT Management Sloan School has an information hub (MIT Sloan Management Review) similar to Harvard’s, where they publish online articles. The organization posted a comprehensive research project from the hub on Facebook, and it generated nearly 200 shares. This indicates there is a high number of active academics on Facebook, whom Business School’s can target in their Facebook advertising campaigns.

Use Edurank not only to compare your social media and digital activity against the sector average and your key competitors but also to assess how you’re engaging with prospective, current and former students online. Identify what’s working and which areas you can improve.

Edurank is operated by Net Natives – the leading education specialist digital marketing agency.