Kevin Hsu

2 years ago

The month of May not only celebrates the blossoming buds of flowers and the longer days, but it’s also a time to get people talking about mental health and reduce the stigma that can stop people from asking for help. Millions of people are affected by mental illness each year. That’s why this month’s Edurank round up is dedicated to student’s mental well-being and highlighting the way institutions are raising awareness and providing them the support they need.

Harvard University

Social distancing has been known to make many feel isolated and lonely. As Covid-19 continues to hammer the globe, it forces us to respond with the turtle defence. Rising loneliness appears to be among a host of mental health impacts that are inevitable side effects. This month, Harvard experts discussed ways to ease the rising sense of isolation and feel more connected. Harvard University performed fairly well on Twitter and landed number three on the ranks. 

UTC South Durham

UTC South Durham hit a perfect Facebook score and landed number two on the ranks. One of their posts highlighted an online fitness shop that was launched by one of their students and emphasized the importance of keeping fit and finding ways to exercise at home regularly to help support physical and mental wellbeing during the nation-wide lockdown.

University of Louisville

After jumping a whopping of 227 places, the University of Louisville landed 25 on the ranks thanks to their amazing efforts on Twitter. One story that really stood out and inspired us is a post about a student that’s a member of UofL’s class of 2020 and part of the PACT (Providing Access to Community Transition) Program. The PACT is a partnership between UofL and JCPS that helps students aged 18 to 21 with moderate disabilities engage in a true, on-campus experience and help them achieve their university milestone. 

University of Oxford

Oxford University landed a perfect score on Twitter and secured the number one spot on the ranks. Interesting new research that highlights the connection between genetics and mental health was shared on Twitter by UoO, as it shows our genes influence the way our brains are ‘wired up’ in childhood making us more vulnerable to a range of mental health conditions in later life.

University of Exeter – International

A mandatory quarantine lockdown can certainly engender our stress level as it disrupts our normal daily routine, but the students over at the University of Exeter embraced the difficulty and made the best out of it. Maddy, a third-year BSc Biological Sciences student from Seattle in the United States made an amazing friendship with Megan, who provided her support during the hardship. The University of Exeter received a perfect Facebook score as they shared different uplifting stories of their student’s experience during the lockdown. 

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