Eleana Davidson

2 years ago

Edurank Awards 2020

As you all know, we recently announced the Edurank Award winners 2020. From our six categories, we selected 16 universities to be shortlisted, and from there, our Student Panel chose those worthy of taking home the gold. 

In our latest blog series, we’ll be taking each category and putting it under the microscope, to run through why these institutions made the shortlist, what’s great about the campaigns, and what we can all learn from them. 

This week, it’s the Best Campaign Supporting Diversity.

With the growing importance of BLM and diversity to Gen Z-ers, we knew that we had to give our student panel the chance to vote on their favourite campaigns championing diversity, and celebrate those institutions that are getting it right. At Edurank, we believe it’s important to celebrate diversity authentically, not just as a tick box exercise, so here are the universities leading the way:

The winner

University of Portsmouth and International College Portsmouth

Portsmouth’s #MySTEMjourney campaign encouraged women to get involved in some of the most stereotypical male fields, and from a global perspective. The message was clear: no matter who you are or where you come from, you can get involved in STEM. They created campaigns with diverse women, talking about their own STEM journeys, helping prospective students to identify and resonate with them. The authenticity of the campaign helped boost interest in the university and their mission to get more women into STEM. By sharing stories of real students, the campaign gained credibility, as these provided real life role models for students to look up to, and be inspired by. At Edurank, we love to see when institutions use genuine student ambassadors and influencers to share the wider institution’s messages about inclusivity and diversity, and we were extremely pleased to hand Portsmouth first place in this category. 

The runners up

University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales ran a campaign giving LGBTIQ+ students, staff and alumni the chance to share their stories and improve the inclusivity of the university. Through this campaign, prospective students got a sense of the community feel surrounding the institution, showcasing the inclusive atmosphere and supportive environment for students hoping to study at UNSW.

The campaign was led through Facebook videos and Instagram stories, with people busting myths about LGBTIQ+, and having students explain what mattered to them. This enabled prospective students to feel like they were already having their voices heard through the current student body. Diversity does not stop at the application stage; it continues into wider university life, and UNSW did a fantastic job of this by giving centre stage to their currently-enrolled, diverse, real-life students.

Blackpool Sixth

Blackpool Sixth’s Results Day campaign revolved around students from different backgrounds celebrating their results and talking about the next steps in their journey. Whether going on to university, or to study a BTEC, or into a job, students at Blackpool Sixth were celebrated for their achievements and through facing adversity. Showing the importance of continual learning in all its forms and championing diversity of experience.

Despite the challenging, stressful and upsetting times that were the A Level results in 2020, Blackpool still created a supportive community vibe. On Facebook, they celebrated their students’ achievements in one of the most engaging ways: video. By collating all of the success stories in one video, and highlighting the impact that their Sixth Form has had in shaping the lives of young people, they celebrated the students who did well, against all the adversity of the algorithm and government u-turn. They supplemented this with specific achievements of their students over on Instagram, increasing awareness of their success stories and creating a continuity of posts. It’s great to see that they celebrated a wide range of students who all have different, but equally valuable, destinations, and we loved to see this raw display of acknowledging and championing diversity.

We loved receiving these entries and finding out about the genuine positive impact these campaigns have had through supporting student diversity. Congratulations again to the University of Portsmouth and International College Portsmouth, the University of New South Wales, Blackpool Sixth and all our other 2020 winners and finalists.

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