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Edurank Update: Who celebrated International Women’s Day on social media?

Last month the world came together to celebrate International Women’s Day. Colleges and universities took to social media to show their support, respect and admiration for women in all different walks of life. We also covered the occasion at Natives HQ too, honouring all the wonderful women we have working for us. Here are the […]

Matt Payne

2 months ago

Edurank Update: who’s got 2019 off to a good start?

In between the excitement surrounding the Edurank Awards (the shortlist will be announced tomorrow), we made sure to take a look and see who had got 2019 off to a good start. Who knows, perhaps they might be taking home an Edurank award next year? Here’s who started 2019 with a strong social media game: […]

Matt Payne

4 months ago

Edurank: who were the biggest movers?

Hello, and Happy New Year to you all! In between sifting through Edurank Award entries (you can still nominate your College or University), we still found the time to look back to see who ended the year on a high. Here are the biggest movers in the Edurank charts last month. And, here’s to another […]

Matt Payne

5 months ago

Edurank update: Who’s got the academic year off to a good start?

As 2018 draws to a close (we know right, where did the year go?), we thought we’d have a look to see which institutions had got the new academic year off to a good start. So, from open day promotion to large research projects on international study – here’s who’s looking good in the 2018-2019 […]

Matt Payne

6 months ago

Edurank Update: Which institutions capitalised on the results day hype?

August is always a busy month for education marketers (we hope you all survived Clearing and GCSE Results Day), but what worked? Now it’s back to business, the new academic year is underway, so it’s time to look back over this key period and see what the top institutions did to generate engagement with past, […]

Matt Payne

9 months ago

Edurank Update: How do the top institutions inspire prospective students?

As institutions gear up to A-level Results Day 2018 (the Black Friday of the education sector), we are already looking further ahead. How are colleges and universities going to top their targets from this year? How are they going to inspire, attract and convert prospective students into making that initial enquiry? This month we thought […]

Matt Payne

10 months ago

Edurank updates: Who’s scored 100/100 on Twitter?

The academic year is drawing to an end and graduations season is upon us. What a great opportunity to deliver excellent social media content! This month, we looked at which institutions performed the best on Twitter, and achieved the perfect score of 100/100 for their efforts. Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform, with a […]

Matt Payne

11 months ago

Edurank update: Who’s been wowing over on YouTube?

Before Clearing and A-Level Results Day drama draws even closer (where is 2018 going?), we thought it was time to take your minds off things and bring you all a little slice of YouTube action. Here’s who performed well on the video-based platform in May 2018. Higher Education Buckinghamshire New University used YouTube to publish […]

Matt Payne

1 year ago

Edurank April update: Who were last month’s biggest climbers?

It’s always great to celebrate those who have topped the charts, but what about those who have made an impact further down… by jumping up? Just because an institution hasn’t bagged the top spot, doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything great. We’ve dedicated this month’s Edurank roundup to the biggest movers. So, who has jumped […]

Matt Payne

1 year ago