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Edurank Update: Who excelled in the Edurank charts in July?

As the warmth and comfort of the sun-sational summer breeze beginning to steadily fade, we love to look back on the month of July and see which education institutions outperformed themselves, making significant jumps in the ranks! Here are the institutions that smashed it on social media this month: Cherwell College Oxford has jumped 305 […]

Kevin Hsu

2 days ago

Edurank Updates: The Perfect Facebook Score

Each month we crunch data from brand metrics and performance metrics to find out who’s the best of the best on social and this time we thought we’d focus on those that have a perfect game on Facebook. Whilst we can’t all have astronauts as our alumni, there’s plenty of inspo to take away from […]

Eleana Davidson

1 month ago

Edurank Updates: who’s excelled in the updated Edurank charts?

We mentioned earlier this week that there had been a few changes to the Edurank algorithm. These updates will make the platform even stronger as a social media benchmarking and analytical tool for the education sector. Now for the interesting part. These changes may have resulted in a few significant jumps and drops in the […]

Matt Payne

1 year ago

Edurank Highlights: over to you YouTube

We’re talking all things video this month in our latest Edurank roundup. Yes, it’s time to focus our attention to YouTube, and look at which content performed the best over the past month; helping institutions to accelerate up the Edurank charts. So, here’s how it’s been looking over on YouTube during the past month. Higher […]

Matt Payne

2 years ago

Smash your social media strategy with our daily data

You’ve been after it for a while, but the time has come to share the meaningful data that powers Edurank to our UK database. This intelligence will let you identify opportunities and insights, to make sure your institution’s content is breaking through on a manic newsfeed or timeline. Here’s a little taste of what our data […]

Matt Payne

2 years ago

Edurank highlights: who’s been bossing it over on Facebook?

The academic year has come to an end. We’ve seen yearly roundups, student success stories, and one University, in particular, promoting their Open Days with great video content. We thought we’d mix it up a bit this month and focus on Facebook content. There are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, with over […]

Matt Payne

2 years ago

Edurank 2017, January highlights: who’s started the year with a bang?

It’s been a busy few months at Edurank HQ. We’ve gone through a complete rebrand, updated the services available, and how could we forget the Edurank Awards? But don’t worry folks, we’re still going to make time each month to provide you with a handy roundup. Remember, you can sign up to Edurank for access […]

Matt Payne

3 years ago