Matt Payne

5 years ago

It’s been a busy few months at Edurank HQ. We’ve gone through a complete rebrand, updated the services available, and how could we forget the Edurank Awards? But don’t worry folks, we’re still going to make time each month to provide you with a handy roundup. Remember, you can sign up to Edurank for access to detailed insights, along with an analytical overview of your data.

So, here’s what went down in January…

Higher Education

After winning two Edurank Awards for their social media work in 2016, Cambridge University is not resting on their laurels. The University secured  top spot in the Higher Education charts, after jumping three places. However, it was the London School of Marketing who made the biggest move last month, jumping a staggering 133 places to 11th place. The institution has upped their game on Instagram, using the image-based platform to outline the top markets for startup companies. This post would have appealed to anyone who was interested in new business, even if they were not a prospective student. This certainly explains why the post generated over 100 likes. Although the content doesn’t directly promote the institution, users will still see the LSM logo which is included – therefore, associating their brand with the business sector.  A great way to become an authoritative voice in their space.

Further Education

Epping Forest College secured first place in the College rankings after climbing an impressive 70 places to top the Edurank chart; which was partly down as  their activity on Twitter.  The College have used the platform to promote their Dragon’s Den inspired event. This is a great way to showcase the activities and opportunities available at the College to prospective students. They’ve also made sure to use the #Digital hashtag, which allows the post to be found by people who don’t currently follow the College, giving the event will be given much more exposure to a relevant demographic. This post is great for current students, who will enjoy engaging with the content in their spare time, as well as with businesses (with a digital focus) in the local area.

International Profile

The University of London International Profile secured first place in the rankings for the 13th consecutive month. Aston University have climbed an impressive 56 places in the rankings to 26. The University has enjoyed a lot of success on Facebook; their top performing post generating eight thousand reactions. They institution used Facebook to announce that a representative would be visiting Bangladesh to answer questions about life at Aston, the application process, scholarships and course information. These posts perform really well on Facebook, as users can tag suitable friends to make them aware. This helps spread the message further and reach a larger number of people.

Business School

Harvard Business School has replaced Edurank Award winners, Henley Business School, at the top of the rankings. Manchester Business School climbed an impressive 89 places to enter the top 30 at 26th for January, after an excellent performance on Facebook. Their top post was an announcement that they had risen in the global MBA rankings. This is a great news hook to promote the institution to prospective students. The Institution could have taken perhaps used this opportunity as a student recruitment vehicle and included a call to action within the post content and the article itself – perhaps encouraging prospective students to apply.

Independent School

Rugby School secured first place in the Independent School rankings for the third consecutive month, with perfect scores on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. No wonder they did well in the Edurank Awards! City of London Freemen’s School climbed an impressive 61 places in the rankings, after sharing a photo of students posing with the famous actor, Eddie Redmayne. These types of posts do well on Twitter – as a famous face is always going to stand out on a busy newsfeed, which explains why the content generated 30 retweets and 68 likes. Perhaps parents of prospective students might want to inquire about the school’s extracurricular activities after coming across this post? Institutions would benefit from using celebrities and influencers to front campaigns in a bid to drive student recruitment.

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