Matt Payne

1 year ago

It’s always great to celebrate those who have topped the charts, but what about those who have made an impact further down… by jumping up? Just because an institution hasn’t bagged the top spot, doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything great.

We’ve dedicated this month’s Edurank roundup to the biggest movers. So, who has jumped up the charts and, most importantly, why?

Higher Education

The University of Bath jumped 159 places to enter the top 30. This Institution shared a video on Facebook, announcing that they had been named Complete University Guide’s: Best Institution in the South West. The video was an excellent opportunity to share the news, as well as show off the picturesque campus and facilities available. This type of content is always going to perform well on Facebook, as we would expect current and former students to react and share the article to their following. The comment section is full of current students, tagging each other if they appear in the footage. This is will drive engagement and show off a real sense of community at the institution; which may inspire prospective students to apply.

Further Education

Godalming College jumped a staggering 304 places last month, after sharing an impressive statistic on Twitter. The College tweeted a graph which showed that 88% of former students would go on to achieve at least a 2:1 at a university. This is a great way to encourage prospective students and their parents to consider the College for Further Education courses. The tweet might have performed better had the College included the Twitter handle of the organisation, which may have prompted them to share the statistic with their own following. Although the figure is impressive, it would have stood out more had the content been converted into an infographic to make it look more visually pleasing. Despite this, it’s still a handy way to promote the College to those looking to go into Higher Education after their FE studies.

University International Profile

Sheffield Hallam International Profile climbed 42 places; using Twitter to promote a very important webinar to their international student market. The webinar outlines the application and visa process for those who are planning to study at SHUIP. This shows prospective international students the level of support you will get from staff at the University; something that could be a deciding factor for a nervous student who is unsure about the application process. The University has included the Twitter handle of the webinar host within the tweet; this adds context as it allows people to research the presenter before the broadcast. It’s these little touches which makes the entire promotion appear a lot more personal.

Business School

The Lisbon MBA jumped 85 places, knocking on the door of the top ten in twelfth place. They have shared an update to their Facebook following, but have done so much more than sharing a single status, which could have been lost on a busy Facebook newsfeed. The Business School has used a promotional image, which has allowed them to present more information in an interesting format, instead of just a long paragraph of text (however, please be aware of Facebook’s guidelines when using text over images). There is a link in the caption box, which takes users to a landing page. This type of content will always perform well on Facebook, as prospective students can share the information with their like-minded followers. The Business School should look to interact in the comment section with students and build up a friendly rapport.

Independent School

St Francis’ College has used a Facebook gallery to promote their Open Days in April, which saw them jump 75 places to enter the top 20. This is an excellent opportunity to share multiple images of the School to boost their Open Day attendance. The School has shared pictures of the campus, as well as students studying and having fun. These images capture the ethos and friendly environment of the school, which would allow parents to see the type of school St Francis’ College is. This type of content lends itself to Facebook, as we expect parents to be most active on this platform. Going forward, the School could have looked to reducing the copy in the caption section and come up with something more concise, which would have stood out more to the reader.

Oh, and one more thing…

Where’s Instagram?

You might have noticed that we have not reported on Instagram, when putting together the monthly rankings. Instagram has restricted its services used by listening platforms, preventing Edurank and other organisations from collecting daily data and delivering insights in an ethical way. You can read Instagram’s official statement here. Historical daily data for Instagram is still available and can be accessed with an Edurank Enterprise login.