Matt Payne

2 years ago

Tess Henderson, Marketing Officer at Arts Educational Schools, London, is delighted to becom an award-winning marketer. This was after the School’s win at this year’s Edurank Awards.

Tess Henderson with the award for Best Twitter Performance (College Category)

Once it sank in that Tess, and the team, had won the award for Best Twitter Performance (College Category), she got in touch and told us just what the win meant to them. This is a great opportunity to hear what it takes to win an award, and the thought that goes into creating great social media content. Here’s what she had to say:

How does it feel to be crowned an Edurank Award winner?

It is such a delight to be crowned an Edurank Award winner because we have worked so hard in improving our digital presence over the last year, so it’s wonderful to receive recognition for it!

Why do you think your institution has performed well on social media?

As a performing arts institution, we have such incredible content to share, so it really allows me to get creative! We also have an amazingly supportive online community and fan base, so this has really helped develop our performance over the past year.

What are your biggest challenges when planning, delivering and reporting on your social media content?

It can be challenging to get an idea of what content is actually delivering results – you can get a lot of engagement, but that doesn’t always mean a return on investment. It can be difficult to measure the stages at which people make a decision about you. Did they decide to apply for a course because they saw a print advert, or because of an engaging tweet?

What does social media success look like to you?

Social media success to me is open and honest dialogue. Social media is about the bigger conversation, keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry and supporting your current students and alumni. If you’re being true to your brand voice, to me, that is success.

Is there anything we can expect from you and your social media team in 2019?

It’s only going to get bigger and better from here because we are celebrating 100 years of ArtsEd in September 2019! We can’t wait to showcase what we have achieved through our centenary content.

If you could win a different Edurank Award, what would it be and why?

We would love to win an award for our Instagram account! We love sharing our beautiful production shots and showreel videos, as well as our case study video content.

Once again, congratulations to all our winners, and well done to everyone who took part.