Matt Payne

2 years ago

The University of New South Wales, Sydney shone at this year’s Edurank Awards. The University not only won the Best Campaign Supporting Sustainability award, but they were also awarded Highly Commended in the Best Campaign Supporting Diversity category too.

We reached out to Jack Breen, Digital Lead for Social Media, at the UNSW, Sydney to find out more about their Edurank Award win. The institution is an avid Edurank Enterprise user, which could have given them the data and insight they needed to secure the win?

Here’s what Jack had to say:

How does it feel to be crowned an Edurank Award winner, and why?
We’re super excited to have received recognition of performance in the social space. Engaging communities and amplifying the incredible things that our University community is achieving is what our team is all about, so to receive an award, judged by students, is a fantastic achievement. When you have a connected and passionate community like ours, you have the power to raise the profile of important issues and causes. We’ve excelled in the spaces of sustainability and diversity because they are key issues that our community really care about.

Why do you think your institution has performed well on social media? In the last year, UNSW Sydney has been undergoing a major digital transformation. Social media is a huge focus for our Division, so we have some incredible support from our senior leadership team. We have rapidly expanded our capabilities as a communications team by establishing a full Social Media Team, with experienced social media professionals with backgrounds from a range of creative industries like publishing, media and creative agencies, as well as those who have deep knowledge of the higher education environment. Tools and data are essential to us, but without a talented team, you have an incomplete solution.

What are your biggest challenges when planning, delivering and reporting on your social media content? The biggest challenge in a modern in-house social team is to ensure that you get the balance right between a) creating an effective strategy, constantly shaping, tweaking and refining based on data and performance, and b) getting hands-on and creating content. There’s limited time in the day, so there’s always an opportunity cost of time – that’s why it’s critical we get the balance right, and help bring our stakeholders along for the journey – allowing them to understand the value of a social post and the amount of effort that goes into every single one of them.

What does social media success look like to you?We’re focussed on creating quality content that’s a true value-add for our audiences. We want current students, potential students, alumni and academics to always get something to take away from our content – whether that’s a better understanding of important subject matter, or just a smile, laugh or warm feeling! Of course, the best way we know we’re doing this is by increasing engagement, that’s why rankings like Edurank are so important to us.

Is there anything we can expect from you and your social media team in 2019?We’re going to push the boundaries this year, thinking outside of the square about new ways we can communicate and engage our audiences. We would love to break into spaces that the higher education sector hasn’t pushed into yet. So be sure to follow us!

If you could win a different Edurank Award, what would it be and why? Next year, we’re shooting for the top – we’re aiming for ‘Social Media Performance of the Year.’

Once again, congratulations to all our winners, and well done to everyone who took part.