Matt Payne

4 years ago

We’re talking all things video this month in our latest Edurank roundup. Yes, it’s time to focus our attention to YouTube, and look at which content performed the best over the past month; helping institutions to accelerate up the Edurank charts.

So, here’s how it’s been looking over on YouTube during the past month.

Higher Education

Oxford University topped the Edurank charts for September, with a perfect score of 100/100 on YouTube; which certainly played an important part in helping the institution secure the top spot. They have used the platform to showcase the standard of the academics, who are working at the institution; by providing a fascinating insight into their prestigious research projects. The video documents and outlines the uncovering the history behind an old manuscript; which arrived at Oxford University in 1902. This type of content works well because it doesn’t just appeal to students; historians, academics, and geographers would also find this content interesting. It’s also an excellent way for the University to promote their research facilities. Either way, this type of video content is far more universal, and more engaging, than just a typical recruitment promotion. Regardless of who is watching, people will enjoy having a sneak peak (behind the scenes) into what goes on, aside from teaching, at Oxford University.

Further Education

SEDA College has topped the College Edurank charts for the third consecutive month. The language school has filmed and produced a promotional video to promote their courses to students in Chile. The College centered the video around a famous Chilean radio personality, Karol Dance, who spoke to the camera to outline his love for studying in Dublin and the importance of learning English as a second language. These types of promotional videos are always going to work well, as people tend to take notice if they recognise (and perhaps admire) a former celebrity student. The institution has done well to include a famous Chilean; prospective students will be able to identify with his journey to the SEDA College in Dublin. The College could have taken this one step further and interacted with the comment section under the video, and have more of a presence after the video had been published.

International Profile

The University of London’s International Profile, has shared a recording on their YouTube channel from a debate hosted by themselves and the Chartered Management Institute. The recorded discussion focused on the global challenges within business-  which would really appeal to international students. Sharing this filmed debate is an excellent move by the University because it appeals to various demographics. The content will inspire prospective international students about the types of discussion, conversation, and learnings which will be available to them in London – a city that’s thriving with big business. Current students will also enjoy engaging with the piece and would want to watch the video, with the hope of finding out information to help them with their studies.

Finally, looking outside the education sector, business owners would also find this debate engaging in a professional capacity too. To improve the video, the Institution could have spent some time putting captions at the bottom of the screen, which outlined the name and job title of the speakers featuring in the debate. This might have helped the video look more professional and improve the viewing experience.

Business School

Stanford Graduate School of Business scored 100/100 on YouTube for September. One of their most popular videos on YouTube, was an excellent piece of user-generated content, to show what life is like for a business student at the institution. A group of current MBA students were each given a camera and asked to record what they got up to in the run-up to their graduation. As well as being comical, the video also offers a personal glimpse into the Graduate School of Business, which will be very interesting to prospective students, who perhaps want to learn as much as they possibly can about the institution and life at Stanford.

This informal footage is a great way to promote the institution in an approachable and friendly light. It’s essential that, despite its prestige, the Stanford Graduate School of Business isn’t viewed as being too elitist in today’s cosmopolitan society.

Independent School

Over in our Independent School Rank, The Maynard School have published an excellent promotional video to appeal to parents of prospective pupils. The footage has played on the fact that it’s an all-girls school and pushed their inspiring hashtag #MadeForGirls in their latest YouTube video; which generated over 33 thousand views. The content shows off the facilities the school has on offer, without it appearing too salesy, and alludes to the opportunities that might be available to girls who enrol at this institution. Parents of prospective students will connect to this video; almost feeling that their daughter will get the best start in life if they enrol her to The Maynard School. The emotive music which accompanies the footage really contributes in making the content appear even more inspirational. The parents of current students might also engage with this material, perhaps recommending The Maynard School to friends and family.

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