Matt Payne

5 years ago

Yup, you read that headline right. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, attended the opening of a new College in London. We’ve also seen an Independent School promote the success of their former pupils on Facebook and a Business School share interesting information on one of their student’s exciting new initiatives – ‘Strum and Strides’.

Here’s what went down in April…

Higher EducationWhich University capitalised on the launch of the first driverless car?

Congratulations to Ravensbourne University who has climbed an impressive 174 places to enter the top 100 in 54th place. The University upped their game on Instagram, using the image based platform to showcase the launch of their first driverless car. Ravensbourne University used relevant hashtags to ensure the content was found easily by all users. The content appeals to local people as well as students, which explains why the post performed well. The University could have used the Boomerang feature on Instagram, to show the cars moving around the Greenwich Peninsular – which might have generated more engagement.

Ravensbourne University also enjoyed success over on YouTube; doubling their score from March to April. Their most popular video in the last month was a roundup of a project, involving their fashion students and VF Corporation (a worldwide clothing and footwear company). The video shows interviews with current students, as well as a lecturer. This video is an excellent opportunity to promote the fashion courses available to prospective students, without looking like an obvious promotion. Instead, this video showcases the facilities at Ravensbourne University and the types of extracurricular projects available.

Further Education – William, Kate and Harry attended the opening of a new College

The Global Academy UTC climbed 85 places to secure the top spot in the Further Education rankings for April. The College capitalised on their official opening, to increase brand awareness and to promote their course offering to prospective students. Global Academy UTC only opened in 2016, so building a strong brand presence is going to be at the forefront of their marketing strategy.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as Prince Harry, attended the college to open the institution officially. The Global Academy UTC used the hashtag #RoyalOpening; which was an excellent way to group all the relevant Tweets together and to prompt digital conversation around this exciting occasion. The Kensington Palace Twitter handle (which is the official page for the three royals) was included too. This might have opened the story up to more people, especially those who were interested in the royals, but not following the College directly.

The Global Academy UTC have used the royals to create a real buzz around their official opening. This hype will work as a great recruitment tool for prospective students.

International UK University Profiles – Who ran The Global Festival of Learning in India?

Bournemouth University International performed exceptionally well on Facebook, scoring 100/100 last month. This result on Facebook saw them climb an impressive 51 places on Edurank to enter the top 20 in 16th place.

The University’s top performing post was promoting one of their international events in India – The Global Festival of Learning. This event is ideal for students living in India but looking to study in the UK. Bournemouth University International are using this as a useful recruitment tool, as representatives from the Institution will be at the event to showcase what Bournemouth University has to offer. The post performed well, generating over four thousand Facebook reactions.

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Business Schools – Georgetown McDonough School climb 87 places

Staffordshire University Business School has topped the Edurank Business School charts for the first time this year. This was predominantly down to their activity on Twitter, where they secured a perfect score of 100/100, this comes as little surprise considering the Business School won Best Twitter Performance at this year’s Edurank Awards.

Georgetown McDonough School of Business were the biggest movers last month, climbing an impressive 87 places in April. Their top performing Facebook post outlined the success of an MBA student running a marathon in Antarctica, promoting the ‘healing power of music.’

The post generated 125 interactions, as well as 18 shares. This post not only showcases the extracurricular activities (and perhaps even the calibre of current students), but it also prompts people to click onto the article to learn more about this exciting Strum and Strides initiative.

Independent Schools – Which school is promoting the success of their former students?

Cambridge Tutors College climbed an impressive 62 places in the ranking to enter the charts in April at 30. This Independent School performed well on Facebook, with their top performing post announcing the winner of the annual CTC College award. One of the winning pupils had gone on to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. The Facebook post not only celebrates the success of their students, but it also acts as an excellent recruitment tool; perhaps hinting to parents that the School’s teaching will prepare students for Oxbridge.

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