Matt Payne

4 years ago

The academic year has come to an end. We’ve seen yearly roundups, student success stories, and one University, in particular, promoting their Open Days with great video content.

We thought we’d mix it up a bit this month and focus on Facebook content. There are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, with over 293,000 statuses uploaded every minute. But enough of all that – let’s take a look at who smashed it on the largest social media platform in July.

Higher Education

Aberystwyth University climbed an impressive 123 places in the rankings from 189th in June, to 66th in July. The Institution’s top performing post on Facebook was promoting an Open Day, which showed off the picturesque city of Aberystwyth at the same time. Our daily data (which we know our users want to get their hands on… watch this space) informs us that Universities enjoy the highest levels of engagement from video posts on Facebook; so it’s no surprise that this was their top performing post. 

Further Education

UTC Warrington also triumphed on Facebook in July,  jumping 375 places to 16th place in the College Edurank chart. The College published a gallery, celebrating the end of term and highlighting the achievements of their top students. Not only will current students enjoy seeing the praise go online, but this also appeals to prospective students and their parents – as a way to drive student recruitment. It shows the warm and friendly atmosphere that the College creates for its students; naturally, this will appeal to those looking to enrol into a Further Education course.

International Profile

We have a new winner in our international profile rank! Congratulations to the University of South Wales, who secured 100/100 on Facebook. The University social media team have clearly capitalised on the graduation season, sharing photos of the various ceremonies they held over the past month. This is an excellent way to bring the celebrations online, especially as friends and family members would need to travel internationally to watch the graduation in person. Looking ahead, the University should look at broadcasting the event via Facebook Live,  which would allow people from overseas to watch the entire event.

Business School

UCT Graduate School of Business climbed an impressive 99 places from 112th in June to 13th place in July. The Business School posted a link to a page which outlined the various scholarships available to prospective students. This is a perfect time to post this type of content, as people now have their A Level results, perhaps went through Clearing and are now assessing their options before term starts. The Business School have been active in the comment section of the post; which shows an excellent level of customer service. Moving forward, the Business School could have used a more engaging image – which would look more striking on a busy newsfeed. 

Independent School

Monkton Combe School has topped our Independent School charts for July, with an excellent Facebook score of 100/100. The School shared images of their students playing tennis and praised the success of their School’s team. This is an excellent opportunity to show off the standards of their facilities and their coaching services  – which may prompt the parents of prospective students to enquire. We noticed that a couple of Facebook users shared the post to their timeline; this could be proud parents of the students taking part – who want to share the news with their own Facebook friends.

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