Matt Payne

4 years ago

Now that Edurank Enterprise has officially launched, we thought we’d dedicate this month’s update to our new, groundbreaking features for education marketers.

That’s right, not only have we outlined who performed well for October, we’ve also included how these institutions would be able to take their social media success even further if they used Edurank Enterprise. Remember folks, Edurank Enterprise is free for the rest of November; so sign up today to maximise this free trial.

Higher Education

The University of Law climbed an impressive 127 places in the rankings from 147th in September to 20th in October; which was partly down to their YouTube score of 63/100. The University shared a video of a former student; who is now a partner at Linklaters, a top law firm. This is a great way to drive student recruitment, perhaps showing to prospective students the opportunities available once graduating from the University of law.

How can Edurank Enterprise help?

Had the University of Law been Edurank Enterprise users, they could have perhaps guaranteed the success of this content, before sharing the post. Users can identify which types of posts are most likely to work for the sector, and which types are working for their key competitors. This could be found in our Top Posts section.

Further Education

South Bank Engineering (UTC) climbed an impressive 416 places in the rankings from 448th in September to 32nd in October. The institution’s Instagram score improved from 4/100 to 69/100 for October. After looking at that data, we can see that the institution increased the number of times they posted, compared to the previous month – which, in turn, improved their engagement figures. One of their top performing posts was an image of a railway arch sculpture, positioned in its new home, in what appears to be the College courtyard. South Bank Engineering had shared the post from the creative design studio, who had initially housed the sculpture. This is an excellent opportunity to show how involved the South Bank Engineering (UTC) is with various London communities. The impressive sculpture also gives off a creative flair for the Institution, which will hopefully inspire students.

How can Edurank Enterprise help?

South Bank Engineering (UTC) have noticed, or were aware, that they needed to post more consistently to raise their engagement and follower figures on Instagram. But, when should they be posting? Well, our Daily Data, available on Edurank Enterprise, would allow the institution to see which times of day they should be posting – perhaps when their competitors, or the sector as a whole, were not. This level of insight will allow the institution’s marketing team to identify the white space, and post their content at the right time of day to maximise engagement levels.

International Profile

Aston University’s International Profile climbed an impressive 42 places in the rankings from 49th in September to 7th in October. This was achieved through their activity on Facebook, where their top performing post was a piece of content; announcing they were attending a British Council event in Lahore. These types of posts, which advertise Open Days to an international market tend to perform well on Facebook, because users can tag prospective students who they think might be interested. Aston University needs to make sure they are active in the comment section and answer any questions, which demonstrates an excellent level of professionalism and customer service.

How can Edurank Enterprise help?

There are further insights available in the Top Posts section of the site. Edurank Enterprise users are able to see the top performing posts in their sector, their competitors, various institution types and regions. Having this insight on what is really working, as well as taking some handy post inspiration, is really going to give your university or college a clearer idea of what is resonating with your target audience. What types of images are performing well? What language are prospective students reacting with?

Business School

Wake Forest School of Business climbed an impressive 90 places from 156th in September to 62nd place in October, with an excellent performance on Instagram. Their top performing post was an image of a group of students celebrating Oktoberfest. This type of post appeals well in showcasing University life, which current students may enjoy re-gramming to show their friends and family. Prospective students, who are perhaps looking to enrol, are also able to see the social side of studying an MBA programme at the Wake Forest School of Business. It’s important to get the balance right between light-hearted humorous content, and content which outlines more academic based information.

How can Edurank Enterprise help?

Edurank Enterprise users can compare engagements against the type of posts. This is an excellent way to ensure you are engaging with your target audience online; especially when it comes to student recruitment. For example, our data has shown that article shares tend to generate the best levels of engagement for Business Schools on Facebook, this is something your institution should be taking into consideration when planning a data-driven social media strategy. So, what generates the best levels of engagement for Business Schools on other platforms?

Independent School

Over on our Independent School rank, Gateways School were among the most significant climbers; jumping an impressive 57 places. The School excelled on YouTube, with their top performing piece of video content showcasing a choir performance, where some of their pupils were involved in. This type of material is ideal for Independent Schools, as parents would enjoy sharing the content with their friends, or even viewing it for the first time if they were unable to attend the actual concert.

How can Edurank Enterprise help?

Edurank Enterprise has made historical data available to its users. This means that education marketers can look at previous months and gauge an idea of what worked well, during specific times of the year. For example, Gateways school could cross-reference the data for the month that a previous concert took place, and compare the social media coverage with the engagement from that time.

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