Kevin Hsu

2 years ago

As we begin to wrap up 2019’s sun-filled blazing summer and slowly transition into breezy autumnal weather, we thought it would be a great idea to check out which U.S. universities are ascending the charts in the month of July.

We’d love to see what you’ve got in store for the next six months.

Indiana University Bloomington has Jumped 176 places this month

Indiana University Bloomington had an exciting and busy month as they jumped 176 places and finished at 13th place. IU will soon officially mark its 200th-year birth on January 20, 2020, celebrating its 200th anniversary. To celebrate this incredible journey, IU kicks off its Bicentennial celebrations at the start of July honoring the university with parties, symposiums, festivals and more across the state. Through hashtag #IU200, IU created a buzz and reminder that the Bicentennial celebration has officially begun! 

Baylor University has jumped a whopping 1,134 places for the month of July

July was a busy month for Baylor University as they jumped 1,134 places and climbed the ladder rank to number 15. BU’s special hashtag #BaylorLights shares the story of their student’s personal experience during their time at BU across Facebook and Twitter. Each story is able to reach a wide range of audience as BU’s Facebook and Twitter page has over 200,000 and 94,000 followers, respectively. Stories that are tagged with #BaylorLights produces a genuine and authentic sentiment that bridges a strong and positive connection to readers while highlighting BU’s convivial environment that helps enrich students’ lives.

Columbia College of Missouri has made an impressive leap by 652 places

Another college that rose through the ranks—along with a perfect YouTube score—was Columbia College, also known as Columbia College of Missouri. Their relentless effort to create videos that highlight and promote their mission and values allowed them to move up the ranks by 652 and secure the 16th place. The majority of the videos that were published by Columbia College in July emphasized the importance of transparency from colleges when it comes to tuition fees and book costs, as it can become a major obstacle for parents and students when budgeting for college. Each video generated a substantial amount of views—with the highest of 1.5 million views!

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