Matt Payne

1 year ago

August is always a busy month for education marketers (we hope you all survived Clearing and GCSE Results Day), but what worked? Now it’s back to business, the new academic year is underway, so it’s time to look back over this key period and see what the top institutions did to generate engagement with past, current and prospective students online.

Here’s your monthly update:

Higher Education

De Montfort University shared a video from A-level Results Day, which showed professional footballers, from Leicester City, answering the phones and offering Clearing students places at the institution. This is an example of experiential and influencer marketing, as it is perhaps making a mundane task stand out from the crowd, and a lot more exciting for prospective students. The video was entertaining and appeals to students, football fans in general, and Leicester City supporters. The video was shared on social media, as was given some national news coverage, a great way to promote the University’s brand.

Further Education

Moving over to GCSE Results Day, and Loughborough College delivered a wonderful, heartfelt post – which focused on one of their students collecting their exam results. This inspiring post shows a mother of two collecting her Maths GCSE. The post links out to the College’s blog, which outlines more information on Li Tang’s journey; a great way to generate more website visits and bring traffic to the College’s website. Not only does this post celebrate the achievements of one of their students, but it is also very inspirational for mothers looking to go back to college and study.

International Profile

Cambridge’s International Profile has also celebrated the success of their student’s academic achievements. The University’s international profile shared an article, which revealed how their students from South Africa have done – thanks to their education at Cambridge. This is an excellent way to inspire people to join the international programmes at the University. Using case studies, from former students, is always going to be an effective way to engage with international markets, this is because it shows to those who are thinking about studying in the UK that students are actually out there making a success of it.

Business School

The London Business School has used YouTube to share a video, where their Professor for Economics was giving a lecture on: “The implications of Brexit for Businesses.” This timely piece is not just focused towards students studying at the London Business School, but to businesses who are unsure about what lies ahead after the UK leaves the EU. With an element of uncertainty, people are going to be searching for Brexit related content, which is why this video generated over six thousand views. It also shows the type of topics covered by the Business School, which will no doubt provide inspiration to prospective students.

Independent School

Brighton College has jumped on the A-level Results Day hype, tailoring their content to the parents of prospective students on Facebook; the main platform for this demographic. The College has shared an image from The Times newspaper, which shows that Brighton College had achieved the best A-level passes in the country, off the back of the image the College has provided a link for parents, to sign up and attend an open day.

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