Matt Payne

1 year ago

Last month the world came together to celebrate International Women’s Day. Colleges and universities took to social media to show their support, respect and admiration for women in all different walks of life. We also covered the occasion at Natives HQ too, honouring all the wonderful women we have working for us.

Here are the top International Women’s Day related posts which did well on Edurank last month.

Institution: The University of Cambridge

Rank position: 2

The University of Cambridge created a collage of their female staff. This not only celebrates the efforts of women within the University, but it also shows the diverse range of careers that women are employed in – and this is just one institution! The University has made sure to use multiple hashtags to make sure people can come across the content; even if they’re not following the institution. These types of posts, where hashtags will be going viral, are an excellent opportunity to attract new followers, as well as promote your brand and key messaging.

Institution: Yeovil College

Rank position: 2

Yeovil College has paid tribute to one specific woman in their International Women’s Day post – the Chair of the Corporation. The image is engaging and is a great opportunity to state that their leader is a woman, which will prove really inspirational to prospective female students, who are perhaps looking for a college that is right for them. As expected Yeovil College have used the main hashtag when publishing the content. However, they could have looked to include more, lesser-known hashtags within the comment section to broaden the post’s reach.

Institution: University of Portsmouth International Profile

Rank: 4

The University shared two images of their female workforce, which includes women from all over the world. This is a great way to show unity, solidarity and support to all women regardless of where they are from. The University has used this occasion to show prospective students, who are perhaps nervous about studying overseas, that they are welcome. Going forward, the institution could look to create some user-generated content from female international students, which would convey this message further.  

Institution: Harvard Business School

Rank: 1

The Women’s Student Association at the Business School has taken the time to reflect on the meaning of ‘feminism,’ as well as reclaiming the word. As well as sharing a collage which illustrates the views of the group’s members; the caption that accompanies the image adds real context and shows viewers that the Business School really value the importance of International Women’s day. We can see at the bottom of the post that there is more information on the Women’s Student Association story via a link in the bio – a great opportunity to drive more traffic to the Business School’s website.

Institution: Cheltenham Ladies College

Rank: 7

This Independent School created a video for International Women’s Day, which shows the dreams of their young female pupils, as well as how the staff encourage the girls to succeed. This is not only a great way for the School to show their support for the day, but it is also an excellent opportunity to show off their ethos and the positive attitude the teaching staff have. Unfortunately, the School didn’t use the #InternationalWomensDay hashtag, which would have restricted the post’s reach.

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