Matt Payne

1 year ago

Before Clearing and A-Level Results Day drama draws even closer (where is 2018 going?), we thought it was time to take your minds off things and bring you all a little slice of YouTube action.

Here’s who performed well on the video-based platform in May 2018.

Higher Education

Buckinghamshire New University used YouTube to publish a video which promoted their BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice videos. This type of content gives prospective students a unique insight into this course and what they can expect if they were to apply. The Institution has used the short video to show interviews with current students, as well as showcase the facilities available. There is a clear call to action in the comment section, which would give prospective students the opportunity to click through and apply. However, a call to action link on the video (as an annotation) might have generated more enquiries, as it would save the student scrolling down to hunt for the link.

Further Education

The English National Ballet shared an empowering promotional video of their six most promising dancers ahead of their show at the London Coliseum. This teases what the performance will be about, and prompt people to purchase tickets ahead of the showcase. Links for tickets and information on the dancers can be located in the info section. This is the perfect opportunity for the College to showcase the standard of their dancing classes and give prospective students an idea of what they can expect from studying at the institution.

International Profile

Cambridge University International Profile has published a video of their international learners at a school in Tanzania. These videos can be used to promote the international work that the University does to bring education to countries with far less resource. This type of content is always important to raise awareness and allow current students (back in the UK) to see the type of additional work going on at the institution; perhaps there’s an initiative for students to get involved in helping education flourish in countries like Tanzania?


Business School

IE Business School has taken to YouTube to share a promotional video for their Institution. The footage is bold, dynamic, fast-paced and, most importantly, exciting. This will appeal to prospective students, who want to join the party and feel like they are part of something fresh and exciting. This has been communicated with music, holographic visuals and bold statements which compliment the institution’s slogan: ‘We are not just a Business School.” IE has pushed the boundaries and broken away from perhaps a more serious, highly academic type of institution. Consequently, this could open up this Business School to a different type of MBA market? For more information on MBA students, then check out the results from Natives GC’s (who are also part of Natives Group) EuMBA survey.

Independent School

We have mentioned before, how social media can be used to cover more sensitive subjects. The Grammar School at Leeds took to YouTube to share footage from a memorial service for a former teacher; Derek Fry. The School have used social media to create a safe space for students and teachers, past and present, to come together and pay their respects. This is shown in the comment section where people have left comments and tributes to Mr Fry. This is a great way (despite sad circumstances) for people to be made aware of the news, and to feel part of the memorial service.

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