Matt Payne

1 year ago

As 2018 draws to a close (we know right, where did the year go?), we thought we’d have a look to see which institutions had got the new academic year off to a good start.

So, from open day promotion to large research projects on international study – here’s who’s looking good in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Higher Education

Cambridge University has been one of the top performing institutions throughout the year and will be a top contender for Edurank’s Social Media Performance Of The Year at this year’s Edurank Awards. The University scored a 100/100 on Facebook for November, their top performing post capturing some serious autumnal vibes around campus, which look beautiful on a Facebook newsfeed. This is a cross-platform post, as it appears on their Instagram account too – which is an excellent way to promote their different social media accounts and drive users to different profiles to engage with different content.

Further Education

Kirklees College kick-started their recruitment campaigns with a video promoting their Open Days. The simple, animated video outlines the dates and locations in which prospective students can attend. The content has a clear call to action, as well as an inspiring hashtag – which can be used throughout the entire recruitment journey. These types of hashtags are perfect in making prospective students feel part of a community right from their initial enquiry. Going forward, the College could have looked to have included a hyperlink in the content block underneath the video – this would have helped drive traffic to the website.

International Profile

Cambridge University’s International Profile has also been shining in the Edurank charts. They have used Facebook to share the results of their Global Education Census report. Not only does this report share some interesting insights into the way students learn, but it also shows that they are taking positive steps into how international education should be approached. The University has pulled interesting parts of the report and compiled a series of posts, where they have included engaging infographics, which allows people to see the information in an interesting way. The institution has maximised the treatment of this report, creating multiple pieces of social media content from a single project.

Business School

IIM Ahmedabad has used Facebook to promote an event they co-ran with an external networking company. Facebook is a great platform to promote these types of conferences as users can tag their peers in the comment section to spread the message further. The content is also a great way to show prospective students the types of connections this Business School has. However, the choice of imagery could perhaps be more engaging to make sure the advert stands out on a competitive Facebook’s newsfeed.

Independent School

The Maynard School started the academic year with an excellent video showcasing the types of activities their pupils get involved in. This is an excellent opportunity to show the parents of prospective students that there is more to the school than just lessons. This content, in particular, shows how the School supports exercise and promotes a healthy lifestyle for all learners. Former learners and their parents would also enjoy engaging with the content, and spotting themselves in the video – this might encourage them to share the content.

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