Matt Payne

12 months ago

How did the start of the academic year pan out? To get an idea of who’s got this term off to a bang, we thought it only right to look at those institutions who were number one in the charts and living their best lives. Come one, if you’re not buzzing when you top the Edurank charts, then do you even work in social media?

Ok, enough of our bravado. Here are September’s best bits.  

Higher Education

The University of Oxford certainly has a lot to celebrate. Not only have they topped the Edurank charts for September, but they also secured the top spot on the Times Higher Education rankings for the third year. The University has teased the news in a tweet, before linking out to a blog post on their website, which reveals more information. This is an excellent opportunity to not only promote their excellent reputation but also to drive organic traffic to their website. Going forward the University could look to use an image which was a little more engaging, and perhaps a little less generic.

Further Education

Kirklees College achieved 100/100 on YouTube, thanks to a short video promoting last-minute enrolment for full-time apprenticeship courses. The footage is very simple, with inspiring music; this means that the message gets across in a clear, concise way. This type of content is perfectly timed to coincide with the start of the new academic year – when colleges are giving a final push. The College should look to use the comment section within YouTube to strengthen their call to action. A link in this section is the perfect opportunity to send traffic to course-specific landing pages.

International Profile

The University of Cambridge topped the charts, with their best performance coming from Facebook. Facebook tends to generate levels of engagement for international markets, this is because a lot of students use Facebook to connect with friends and family, while they are abroad. This post shows the presence that the institution has all over the world, which might be comforting for students who are nervous about studying in a different country. The image shows a sense of community, which paints the institution in a positive light.

Business School

Mannheim Business School has also excelled on Facebook, which saw them top the Business School Rank for September. The school’s top performing post not only promotes the Mannheim full-time MBA class, but it’s also pushing Facebook traffic to their Instagram profile too, where one of their students is doing an Instagram takeover. Cross-platform linking on social media is a great way to grow an institution’s follower count. Students are less likely to go out and search for an institution’s social media profiles, which means it’s essential to promote them at any opportunity. This type of post is promoting people to come back to the page, for more information – an excellent opportunity to maximise engagements and web visits.

Independent School

George Watson’s College certainly know the student recruitment cycle, one of their top-performing tweets is a video promoting an open morning for prospective pupils and their parents. The video shows off the grounds, facilities and personality of the school, which is going to really resonate with parents who are looking for a school with character. The interaction with the students gives it a friendly, informal feel, yet the open sequence looks very professional. The school should look to ensure that the landing page mirrors the same standard. The use of a CRM and page builder could help transform the current landing page and make it more engaging – which would result in a higher conversion rate. Check out Akero for more information on landing page creation.

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