Matt Payne

1 year ago

Oh yes, you read that headline right. This is the first time, in Edurank history, an institution has achieved full marks on all four social media platforms… but we’ll come on to that in a second.


What a month it’s been in the Edurank charts. We’ve pulled out a selection of the top performing pieces of social media content (as per) and looked at why these institutions have done well in the Edurank charts. Here are the best bits from March 2018.

Higher Education

We couldn’t do a monthly roundup on our Higher Education rank without acknowledging (and congratulating) the University of Cambridge’s success on social media during March; they achieved 100/100 on all four social media platforms. The Institution’s published respectful coverage around the death of their most famous academic, Stephen Hawking, adapting content accordingly on various channels. The news of Hawking’s death was treated in a sensitive way and allowed people from all over the world to celebrate his life, teachings and discoveries. The University shared videos, article shares and quotes from Stephen Hawking, to celebrate his achievements. Where appropriate the University used the right hashtag, to allow people to find the content and pay their respects.

This is an excellent example of how social media can be used to share sensitive news coverage, and allow users to come together and remember a person’s life. This is something Universities shouldn’t shy away from doing as people find social media a great outlet to pay their respect and even seek support. Cambridge University’s treatment of this story might have also given comfort to Hawking’s family and close friends too.

Further Education

Loughborough College topped our Further Education ranks for March, their most successful platform for March was Facebook. The College’s top performing post linked to an article which outlined their ongoing initiative with a Chinese middle school, since forming a Memorandum of Understanding. This type of content not only works as a way to promote the Colleges services, globally; but it also promotes international student recruitment in general. This article is something that will add benefit to the entire education sector – which anyone involved in would enjoy reading.

However, the College might have generated a higher level of engagement, and CTR, had they reduced the copy. Why’s that you ask? Posts with a smaller amount of text tend to perform better, as it prompts the user to click through after the status has enticed them.

International Profile

Exeter University’s International Profile achieved 100/100 on Instagram; the institution has used the image based platform to share the experiences of some of their international students. One of their top performing posts is on a student from Pakistan, who has posted photos of her home country – and briefly outline her life as an international student. This is an excellent way to inspire prospective international students – who perhaps are nervous about travelling away from home to study, this type of content (which are almost like mini case studies) allow them to see real people studying abroad. Current students will look at these posts and perhaps decide to get involved too, which, in turn, would generate more content for their Instagram profile.

Business School

The London School of Business and Finance transformed their Facebook page into a revision hub for students. They have shared videos of sessions, hosted by lecturers, on a variety of topics to help students pass their upcoming exams and revise from the comfort of their own home. This is an excellent way to share information with the student body who are, most likely, active on Facebook – and would see the content, which they might miss on a confusing or clunky student portal. Prospective students will see the exam support available to pupils during their studies, which might be a deciding factor on whether someone decides to enrol at the Business School. Looking further than exams, the Institution could easily build itself a name for sharing excellent pieces of content; the revision videos appeal to anyone interested in business and not just those studying at this institution.

Independent School

Wellington College had a great month on Twitter. The School jumped on the National Theatre Day hype, taking the opportunity to showcase their theatre and drama facilities. They’ve used the trending hashtag, which would allow people to find the content, even if they weren’t following Wellington College, as well as using impressive images of their productions. This type of material would not only appeal to current pupils, but also to prospective students (and, of course, their parents) who have a keen interest in the performing arts. We can see from the Tweet that the School’s theatre has their own Twitter account too, this is the perfect way to grow that handle and position the School as a leading independent school for theatre-based facilities.

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