Matt Payne

3 years ago

We mentioned earlier this week that there had been a few changes to the Edurank algorithm. These updates will make the platform even stronger as a social media benchmarking and analytical tool for the education sector.

Now for the interesting part. These changes may have resulted in a few significant jumps and drops in the Edurank ranks for February. So, who has stood out in the nearly calculated Edurank charts? Check out our monthly roundup.

If you have any questions on Edurank’s algorithm update, then please get in touch.

Higher Education

The Royal Veterinary College was the most significant mover in our UK University Rank. The institution jumped 161 places, to enter the top 30, with an excellent score on Facebook. Their top performing post for February promoted their Commonwealth Shared Scholarship scheme, to prospective students with lower incomes. This type of content works well on Facebook, as users can share the announcement to their followers and tag users (organically) if they think they someone specifically would be interested. The institution has used an effective emoji to prompt users to click through onto the main article; this clearly tells the reader that the link will take them somewhere beneficial, and it’s not just hosting an image. Overall, this a very clean, bright and informative advert.

Further Education

Hartpury College topped our Edurank Charts for the first time. Their Instagram game was certainly on point for February, after the College achieved a perfect score of 100/100. The College combined the start of Spring, with the lambing season and shared an engaging image of their students holding lambs in their grounds. The post promotes the hands-on facilities available at this agricultural college and is also of interest to those who perhaps have no direct link to the institution – but are still interested in farming. The post generated a lot of engagement, as students who were in the photos, began commenting and tagging their peers in the comment section. The College used their uniform hashtag, #HartpuryFamily, to group their content, which will inspire prospective students (and their parents) who are looking for a college which offers a strong sense of community.

International Profile

Northumbria University International Profile, has used Instagram to share an excellent image of their city. This was their top performing post, which helped them achieve their impressive jump from number 79 all the way up to six, in our International Profile rank. The image is striking, stands out on a busy newsfeed, and highlights the vibrancy of the city; it shows Northumbria looking cosmopolitan, modern and impressive. This is going to stand out to prospective students who perhaps haven’t decided which city in the UK to study in. This image has come from a student, which has been re-grammed by the University. This paints a real sense of community between the institution and their students; something which will really appeal to international students. It also may inspire other students to submit their own photos, which will give them the opportunity to collect user-generated content.

Business School

Still on Instagram, and TIAS School for Business and Society were the biggest movers. The Business School have jumped on the Campus Porn hype and combined it with a timely news story… the Beast From The East storm. The sky colour and the frost on the ground makes the campus look beautiful in the winter months; this could really inspire prospective students to apply – perhaps if they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed early one morning? Additional hashtags have been used effectively to spread the post reach further than just the Business School community; this means the content can be seen by more people and therefore generate higher levels of engagement. 

Independent School

Back over to Facebook now and Badminton School has jumped 78 places to enter the top ten. The School used the platform to announce that they would be attending the British Boarding School Show, in March. This is an effective way to reach out to the parents of prospective international students, as Facebook is typically used by an older demographic, where parents are more likely to be more active on – compared to other social media platforms. Going forward the school could have encouraged a stronger question within the status, which might have generated comments underneath the post, to spark engagement and prompt natural conversations around the event.

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