Matt Payne

1 year ago

The academic year is drawing to an end and graduations season is upon us. What a great opportunity to deliver excellent social media content!

This month, we looked at which institutions performed the best on Twitter, and achieved the perfect score of 100/100 for their efforts. Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform, with a manic feed; this means the competition is seriously on for universities, colleges and schools to succeed.  

Here’s who’s been rather tremendous on Twitter during June.

Higher Education

The University of Glasgow scored 100/100 on Twitter, which saw them climb to number three in the charts. The University had shared a lot of content on social media around graduation, with one of their top-performing tweets focusing on the piper, who has played throughout the various graduation ceremonies this summer. This content shows a different side of graduation and stands out in newsfeeds – compared to snaps of robbed students. It shows a real sense of Scottish tradition, which may appeal to prospective students, who are looking to study in Scotland. The University of Glasgow has grouped their graduation content using two hashtags (#UofGgrad18 and #TeamUofG), which allows the material to be found quickly and helps marks the occasion.

Further Education

We’ve mentioned before how social media can have a positive impact on sensitive news stories. Aquinas College has covered a story of local teenager who went missing in the Stockport area. The College did an excellent job in tweeting missing person signs, retweeting information from local news outlets and keeping people up to date with any latest developments. Aquinas College has provided an excellent service here, making sure that that the student community (who perhaps don’t follow news sites on Twitter) are kept up to date with the search. The content surrounding this story generated a high number of retweets, as people would want to share the news with their followers to pass on the information; particularly when the teenager was found.

International Profile

Cambridge Assessment International Education has jumped on the World Cup hype, which might have played a part in them topping the International Profile charts for June. The Institution shared an article which showed how the educational sector was celebrating the World Cup and finding innovative ways to mark the occasion. This is an excellent opportunity to generate engagement and join the online conversation surrounding this global event. However, the tweet might have performed better had they Institution used hashtags surrounding the World Cup 2018. Hashtags are a great way to help people find your content and therefore are more likely to interact with it. Prospective, current and former students are going to enjoy engaging with the article… as well as the millions of football fans that are active on Twitter.

Business School

MIT Sloan School of Management jumped to number seven in the Business School charts, thanks to their 100/100 score on Twitter. One of the School’s top performing tweets was an article share from their website, which was on Machine Learning. These types of articles are an excellent opportunity for prospective, current and former students to engage with topics which are of interest to them. This builds a sense of community in the digital space and, in turn, positions the Business School as a hub of knowledge for MBA students. The School has included the Twitter handle of the lead author, which adds further context to the source of the article, and allows people to research the lecturer for more information. Going forward, the Business School could look to group their article shares together in a type of series, which people can refer back to.  

Independent School

The Manchester Grammar School have taken to Twitter to congratulate a former student, who had recently graduated from Cambridge. Not only is this a great way to showcase the success of former students, and allow former students to see how their fellow peers are doing, it’s also a brilliant recruitment tactic. Why? Because it shows the parents of prospective pupils, what their alumni have gone on to achieve. This could be a key factor in deciding which school is the most appropriate choice.

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