5 years ago

February saw some big movers on Edurank and it’s clear video content has played its part. If Generation Z aren’t uploading vlogs to YouTube, they’re sending their friends Snapchats of their Saturday night antics, or going Live on Facebook whilst cooking their breakfast. And providers haven’t missed the chance to jump on these social behaviours, including video within their social media mix wherever they can. 

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Read on for this months social media lowdown…

Higher Education

After receiving not one, but two Edurank awards for their social media work, Cambridge University stay top of the table for a second consecutive month. Whilst it may be staying steady at the top, Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts have climbed an impressive 154 places, to sit pretty at number 30, in part due to their increased activity on Twitter and Instagram.

It seemed everyone went mad this year for Pancake Day and Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts didn’t miss the opportunity to get their students involved. Instagram’s Boomerang is still a big hit and using it to record your students flipping pancakes is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and encourage current students to share the content on their own social accounts too.

Further Education

A new entry this month in the college ranks, and Watford UTC head straight to the top after upping their game on Instagram and Facebook. But, the biggest mover goes to DK Music Academy who climbed dramatically from 399th place in January to 84th in February, as a result of their increased activity on Instagram. DK Music Academy used Instagram to upload humorous videos, accompanied by a relevant hashtag. Introducing a hashtag meant the Academy’s content was easier to find; potential students with an interest in guitars and music could easily connect and engage with the Academy (plus you can’t go wrong with funny videos of singing and guitars).

International Profile

The University of London’s international profile isn’t budging from the top spot after maintaining a perfect score on LinkedIn and YouTube, securing them 1st place for the 14th consecutive month. Meanwhile, Norwich University of the Arts climbed an impressive 53 places, sailing into the top 10 for February. Empowering students to take the reins on the university’s social media platforms really improved engagement on Facebook and Instagram for the university. One of their BA (Hons) Fashion Students took over Instagram to offer a glimpse of life studying at Norwich University of the Arts, and people loved it. Getting your students involved with your institution’s social media is a great way to increase engagement and boost your reach to your target audience of potential students.

Business School

University of Edinburgh Business School climbed 73 places in February to 5th place, after an increase in video activity on YouTube and Instagram. Video content is continuing to prove itself as an engaging form of media and the University of Edinburgh Business School have definitely seen the benefits of including it in their social media mix. Having created a promotional video of their masters degrees, the short 30 second video was great at capturing people’s attention and received over 20,000 views. There’s been no change at the top of the ranks for Business Schools this month as Harvard Business School have secured first place for a second time, with top marks given for Social Buzz.

Independent School

The biggest mover in the Independent School ranks was Channing School, jumping from 83rd place into the top 5, securing 5th place in February. After adopting video into their social media strategy, Channing School improved their scores for YouTube, scoring 100 out of 100, compared to a score of 4 out of 100 in January. Channing School is another great example of just how powerful video content can be – it offers your audience content that is engaging, easy to digest and effortless to share across the major social platforms.

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