Matt Payne

4 years ago

The Edurank Awards are the perfect opportunity for your University or College to get the recognition it deserves. Enter your institution for an award and show off your social media work to your senior leadership team, and the rest of the education sector.

The award categories institutions can enter themselves for are:

  • Best Creative
  • Best Social Media Campaign
  • Best News Coverage
  • Best Use of User Generated Content

Edurank Enterprise is our premium service, where users are given access to even more data to help shape their social media marketing strategy. Having access to this level of intelligence is going to help you become more creative, improve audience engagement and identify what actually works. Delivering the best social media content possible is going to put you in a great position to win an Edurank Award.

So, if you’re feeling a little unhappy that perhaps your social media content isn’t quite up to scratch this year, here are five ways Edurank Enterprise can boost your posts. Perhaps you’ll own it during the awards the following year?

1) Exportable Reports

Show your senior management teams what is working, and use the Edurank Enterprise data to back it up. Our exportable reports, showcase all the data you need to support your decisions. On the surface, social media might appear to be very subjective, so taking a data-led approach when presenting your recommendations is always going to be your best bet in backing up your strategy.

2) Daily Data

Engagement stats play an important role in the Edurank algorithm, which is in turn used to determine the majority of Edurank Award winners. Knowing which times of day are going to generate high engagement levels for your institution’s social media platforms, is going to put you in good stead when planning your content. Find the white space and deliver content at an effective time – perhaps when the majority of the sector are not posting?

3) Top Posts and Inspiration

Now, we’re not saying that your social media teams aren’t original, or unique; but a little inspiration is always really important. The Top Posts feature allows Edurank Enterprise users to see the top performing posts, across all social media platforms, for the sector as a whole and their chosen competitors. So have a butchers to see what’s working for other institutions, and see if there is anything that would work well for your College or University too. Perhaps a particular type of content, such as article shares, is resonating with your target audience online.

4) Competitor data

Edurank Enterprise users can see specific data for their chosen competitors; an excellent opportunity to outperform them in both the Edurank charts, the Edurank Awards and, of course, in your overall social media performance. Build a picture of their posting habits, their top performing posts and look for ways you can reach out to the student community online, with a greater impact.

5) Historical data

Look back and see which previous months generated the highest levels of engagement, and cross-reference this intelligence with the type of posts you published at that time. Is there anything which performed well in the past which you can replicate again?

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Click here to enter your application. You can nominate your University, College or School for as many award category as you like, but can only enter one nomination for each category. Please ensure that the social media post or campaign was published in 2017.