Matt Payne

4 years ago

Despite all the excitement (and hype) surrounding the Edurank Awards 2018, we still made the time to have a look at the social media content from January – and how Edurank Enterprise can help the institution perform even better.

So, let’s crack on; here’s who’ got 2018 off to a great start.

Higher Education

Guildhall School of Music and Drama got 2018 off with a bang. The institution jumped 101 places in the charts and achieved the biggest platform increase on YouTube. Their top performing video was a masterclass which outlined how to use a piece of recording equipment. This type of content is an excellent way to share knowledge and promote the expertise of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The institution has included a link in the caption section, for people who want to find out more on Electric Music courses. This comes across as natural (and not too salesy), and is an excellent opportunity to generate enquiries, as they have just offered out a free resource.

Where would Edurank Enterprise come in?

Edurank Enterprise would give the institution the opportunity to identify the success of this post, by cross-referencing the publish date with the engagement it generated. Edurank Enterprise also pulls through your institution’s top performing videos, which is going to be really handy when looking at what is working and what isn’t.

Further Education

Over to Twitter now and Lincoln College made a lot of noise in January, climbing over 200 places in our FE charts. The College opened a new digital suite and took to social media to announce the news. This is an excellent opportunity to keep prospective students, and their parents, up to date on the facilities available at Lincoln College. The social media team made sure to include the relevant Twitter handles, to ensure the post reached as many people as possible. It also encourages those organisations to interact with the content and perhaps retweet and share the news from their own Twitter handle.

Where would Edurank Enterprise come in?

We can see that this Tweet was posted on a Thursday afternoon. This could have generated even higher levels of engagement had the College used the daily data in Edurank Enterprise to identify the best time to post. Had the content gone out later in the evening, where more people are active online, it might have performed even better? Check out Edurank Enterprise, and get access to this exclusive daily data – identify the white space and deliver content that will stand out.

Independent School

Wellington College topped the charts in our Independent School rank for January. The School took to Instagram to share a rare and exclusive image of their new Performing Arts Centre. This is a great way to tease the developments and new facilities to the parents, who are perhaps still deciding which school to enrol their children at. The School have also used their consistent hashtag – #WeAreWellington. Not only does this allow all content to be grouped together it also encourages people to use this hashtag when posting content related to Wellington College. User Generated Content is a great way to publish content, which can’t be created by the social media team.

Where does Edurank Enterprise come in?

The Top Posts section for Edurank Enterprise users provides even more insight (broken down by platform) on the type of content which is performing well. Wellington College could look to see the kind of material that was working for their key competitors, to determine whether or not this type of image would work on Instagram. A data-driven social media strategy is always going to ensure that your time and resource is focused on content that works.

UK International Profile

Cambridge University topped the charts for our International Rank. The Institution shared an interesting article on their Facebook wall, which helped them secure the top spot in the January ranking update. The post is an article share, written by their Education Manager, on dealing with pressures during and after results day. The article generated over one hundred shares, as people recommended the article to those who they thought would find it useful. This also shows the institution in a friendly light, which might appeal to international students, who have a travelled across the globe to study at Cambridge University.

Where would Edurank Enterprise come in?

The post-analysis section on Edurank Enterprise gives users the opportunity to identify which types of content is going to work best, on a specific social media platform. The international office at Cambridge University could have generated more engagement for this blog post had they included a more striking image, or even a video? It’s this insight which helps social media departments identify what type of content their target audience wants to receive. After all, why waste time delivering them something they’re not interested in?

Business School

The London Business School has also shared an article, which is linked to improving the mind and mental health. The Business School tweeted an article which outlines three ways to ‘boost your wellbeing.’ The article share is accompanied by a striking image, which is going to help the content stand out and might even prompt someone to share for that sole reason alone. The article doesn’t just appeal to Business School students; anyone who is interested in wellbeing and self-help can benefit from reading the content. This explains why the Tweet generated 788 likes.

Where would Edurank Enterprise come in?

The London Business School could pull a bespoke report on their Twitter activity. This would allow them to justify the reasons for producing this type of content. Their senior management team would be able to view the data (in a simple PDF) and understand its relevance. Being able to report on your social media success is going to make the process much easier, especially if you’re looking to increase your budget allowance.

So, sign up to Edurank Enterprise and outperform your competitors on social media with a data-driven content strategy.

Understand and use the real-time data and detailed insights, that drives Edurank, to become more creative, improve audience engagement and report on what actually works.