Matt Payne

3 years ago

The Maynard School continue to secure the top spot on the Independent School EduRank. Their content last month, which featured #ThrowbackThursday posts, generated some excellent engagement. In previous months we have seen an imaginative Facebook post to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday, as well as commending their Head of Geography for completing the London Marathon (appropriately using the #LondonMarathon hashtag).  

We spoke to Joanna Conway, Marketing and Development Manager at The Maynard School to find out what social media channels work for them.

Hello Joanna.  Can you start off by telling us and our readers where you find the inspiration behind your social media posts?

The students and teachers here at The Maynard School, and all the amazing things they do, are our inspiration – we never struggle with social media content because there are always so many exciting things going on! The teachers here are fantastic and send us pictures and information on a daily basis.

What are you currently doing at the moment to try and secure another first place finish for July?

The great thing about social media is that it’s so current, so it doesn’t matter how big or small the story is, we can let everyone know about it!  

Which social media channel delivers you the most engagement and why?

It’s a combination of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We get a lot of interaction from all three channels, although the audiences are very different.

You mentioned that audience types vary on social media, depending on the platform. How would you say you College’s Facebook profile is different compared to your Twitter page?

The interaction on Twitter tends to be more with businesses, other schools, companies in the local area etc. It’s much more of a mutual thing with everyone helping to promote each other. We take part in #DevonHour (a virtual place to promote everything good about Devon) on Wednesday evenings which is a fantastic way to connect with other individuals and businesses in the area.

Facebook is where we started out in the world of social media and this is a great way to interact with current and prospective parents – they regularly comment on and ‘like’ our pictures and stories which is fantastic as every comment and like widens our reach.

People tend to say that Instagram is more focused to towards younger people (ideal for students), would you agree with this?

Absolutely. Instagram is a more recent development for us, and with a much younger audience we’ve found it’s a great way to connect with our current students and other young people in Exeter who don’t necessarily follow us on Facebook or Twitter. It’s also a nice way for students that are joining us in the future to see what we do here. So while Facebook and Twitter are more about the parents, Instagram is all about the students.

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