Eleana Davidson

2 years ago

Edurank Awards 2020

As you all know, we recently announced the Edurank Award winners 2020. From our six categories, we selected 16 universities to be shortlisted, and from there, our Student Panel chose those worthy of taking home the gold. 

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking each category and putting it under the microscope, to run through why these institutions made the shortlist, what’s great about the campaigns, and what we can all learn from them. 

Let’s take a look at the first category, Best Campaign Promoting International Study. 

In this category, we looked to the nominations that really harnessed that global community spirit, and worked hard to make their institution feel like it could be home to any student around the world, regardless of where they currently lived. We have wellbeing podcasts, around-the-clock chats and student-to-student Q&As, all achieving fantastic results. 

The winner: 

University of London Worldwide

London: the most multicultural city in the world. The University of London Worldwide celebrates diversity through their student body and their #makeyourselfathome campaign, launched in May 2020. Here at Edurank, we believe that learning and thinking like students should be at the forefront of everything you do, which is why the University of London Worldwide was ultimately the worthy winner of this award. 

The #makeyourselfathome campaign sought to encourage students to keep learning, despite the challenges of the current pandemic, facilitated by UoL’s reputation as an established distance learning provider. The range of courses, both free and paid, was advertised through the #makeyourselfathome campaign, which gained trust with prospective students by highlighting the quality, expertise and opportunities available through online learning, as well as touching on the reality of education in 2020. UoL were relatable and genuine with their messaging, encouraging their students to strive, all while staying comfortable in their joggers on their sofas (not just us, right?). 

Another USP was their flexibility; with 17 renowned member institutions, and the ability to #makeyourselfathome anywhere, students understood the university’s commitment to and understanding of their other responsibilities, such as working or caring. This was particularly effective due to the precarious nature of the pandemic, with students actively seeking the flexibility that this type of learning provides.

The runner up

University of Hertfordshire (International) 

Through live chat, the University of Hertfordshire was able to beat the time zones by offering 24/7 support services to international students. In addition to being readily available for students’ questions, they also offered a range of webinars, both general and course-specific, to give prospective students a better understanding of the courses and content that the university offered.

Not only did prospective students get the chance to find out about their courses, but also what student life would look like, an important consideration for any student. Through Facebook, students could engage in groups for peer-to-peer discussion and ask questions about life as a student in the UK, facilitating that true, authentic student interaction which is so important when potentially flying across the globe to start a new life. 

We loved receiving these entries and finding out about the genuine positive impact these campaigns have had on the global student audience. Congratulations again to the University of London, the University of Hertfordshire and all our other 2020 winners and finalists.
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