Kevin Hsu

3 years ago

November is the month where most, if not all, of the leaves fall off from the trees and bare branches begin to quiver in the wind; it is also the last month of the Fall season. But before we officially put the cozy autumn days and crisp fall nights behind us, (at least in the northern hemispheres) we’d like to share with you some exceptional social media posts that were heartwarming and inspiring. From challenging the status quo of scientific research to an inspirational story of a Disney dreamer to the revelation of the most common Thanksgiving myth, here are the universities that excelled through the ranks in November.

University of Iowa
The University of Iowa is based in one of America’s most productive agricultural states. And thanks to their innovative approach to science and technology, millions of lives around the globe have become safer, secure and comfortable. Needless to say, when the UI received an accolade as one of the world’s most innovative universities, it also reaffirms their brand’s prestigiousness and their position in the advance science category against other top tier universities across the globe. With already over 35,000 projects awarded to the university since 1965, this newly appointed title honors the hard work folks are putting in to move us towards a progressive society. The University of Iowa took to social media to share and celebrate their astonishing achievement and their Facebook post was one of the most engaging posts of the month, landing them number 6 on the ranks. Congratulations!

University of Bolton
The University of Bolton took to Twitter to proudly celebrate their former visual effects graduate’s achievement in landing her dream job with world-renowned visual effects (VFX) company Framestore. Through her determination and dedication, the former graduate, Danielle, had the opportunity to work on movies such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle, and Lady and the Tramp. Sharing former graduates’ achievements is a great way to motivate your student audience and reassure them that they shouldn’t be afraid to dream big and work hard to achieve success. Their Twitter posts allowed them to jump 117 places and landed them number 11 on the ranks.

West Virginia University
West Virginia University celebrates the state’s first-ever heart transplant performed by members from WVU Medicine, an astounding achievement that marked a pivotal moment for the Institute as it continues to establish itself as one of the premier heart and vascular programs in the United States. WVU scored 72/100 on Facebook and maintained number 7 on the US ranks. Celebrating your amazing accomplishments on social media is a great way to connect with your student body and generate awareness.

University of Strathclyde
For the University of Strathclyde, November is more than just a month for preparing holiday cheers. It’s also the time to honor their winter graduates for the hard work they’ve put in. While there’s a lot that’s going on on this day of graduation, it’s a celebration and not something to be worried about. It’s a day for their students to reflect on all the hardships they’ve overcome and the accomplishments they’ve achieved along the way in the pursuit of their dreams. Not to mention, the end of year holidays are right around the corner, giving Strathclyde’s Instagram page full joy and excitement and landed them number 7 in the UK ranks.

Texas A&M University
In the US, Thanksgiving is typically a binge-fest for most people, as we not only allow, but plan to eat away till we feel the food coma takeover. But what is the food coma and exactly what kind of food causes us to go into a drowsy state after a fulfilling meal? Texas A&M University’s health science center explains the myth and provides other helpful Thanksgiving tips to help you break the food-sleep-food cycle. Texas A&M certainly had a busy and productive month on social media, as they scored a 94/100 on Facebook and a perfect score on Twitter and securing the number one spot on the ranks.

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