Matt Payne

3 years ago

Nominations are now open for the six Edurank awards which institutions can nominate themselves for. So, if you think you’re institution has run a great social media campaign during the past year fill in the form to submit an entry. Nominations close on the 31st January 2019.

The categories that universities, colleges and independent schools can nominate themselves for are:

  • Best Use of User Generated Content in a Campaign (Judged by the Student Hut Panel).
  • Best Campaign Supporting Diversity (Judged by the Student Hut Panel).
  • Best Campaign Supporting Student Wellbeing (Judged by the Student Hut Panel).
  • Best Campaign Supporting Sustainability (Judged by the Student Hut Panel).
  • Best Campaign Promoting International Study (Judged by the Student Hut Panel).
  • Best Instagram Account (Judged by Edurank HQ).

As you can see five of these awards will be judged by students from the Student Hut Opinion Panel (SHOP). The SHOP is the UK’s specialist student audience insights panel, who give institutions and brands direct access to a diverse, engaged, conscientious, and opinionated student audience. Who better to judge the success of your campaigns than the people that matter, the audience you are trying to resonate with?  

How do I nominate my institution?

Check out our new award design
Check out our new trophy design

In 500 words please write why your institution deserves to win that particular award. You also have the option to send three screengrabs or images from the social media campaign to boost your application. You can mention any social media platform in your applications, click here to enter. You can nominate your institution for as many awards as you like. But, only one nomination per category.

What is the criteria for each award?

As well as being memorable (that should be a given) Edurank HQ and our student judges will be looking for:

  • Creativity.
  • Uniqueness.
  • Impact (was there a buzz?).
  • Execution (how did you plan and deliver the campaign to maximise its success).

Best Use of User Generated Content in a Campaign

We want to know how well you collected user-generated content to help boost engagement. Perhaps you collected data which you converted into interesting infographics? Or ran a takeover during A-level Result’s Day that hit the mark? User-generated content is a great opportunity to show your audience what you’re really about, through the eyes of the student audience itself.

TIP: We want to see content that’s stemmed from the students themselves, that aligns with your strategy and with demonstrable results.

Last year's winner of the 'Best Use of User Generated Content'
Last year’s winner of the ‘Best Use of User Generated Content’

Best Campaign Supporting Diversity

Is your institution proud to show its support to a diverse range of students? If so, then you should let the world know! We’d like to see how you took to social media to promote the diversity in your institution. You might have organised an event, which was covered across your social media platforms and really hit the mark with your audience? Perhaps you reacted to a news story, which founded the basis of a campaign?

TIP: We want to know what you are doing to show inclusivity and diversity at your institution, with demonstrable results as to how your social channels helped amplify your message.

Best Campaign Supporting Student Wellbeing

How are you using social media to raise awareness and show support for mental and physical wellbeing? You might have run a campaign as part of mental health awareness week, perhaps you’ve reached out to famous alumni to hear their own experiences of student life, or have you taken to social media to promote and share the success of an initiative your institution is taking part in?

TIP: We want to feel an emotional connection to the work you’re doing to support students, and why your selected channels worked as your chosen medium.

Best Campaign Supporting Sustainability

Aligning with a global cause can be one of the most powerful content strategies a university can undertake. How are you telling this story through your social channels? Think recycling initiatives, sustainability tips and campaigns raising awareness on how to become more efficient in reducing your carbon footprint. Your university might have carried out a large piece of research, which you have brought to life through innovative social media activity.

TIP: We want to know how you’re using social media to align with sustainability causes and a how this might be linking to your wider strategy – with demonstrable results as to why your selected channels are amplifying your message.

Best Campaign Promoting International Study

Social media is a great way to promote your l community and attract and engage an international audience Institutions from the UK might have run campaigns using Brexit as a news hook – relaying to international students that they are still welcome, despite the controversial result. How are you using social media to reach out to prospective students? How are you showing that your institution is welcoming students from all nations?

TIP: We want to know how you are telling the story of your institution and international communities, and how your stories are connecting and engaging with students all over the world.

Best Instagram account

Instagram took a brief hiatus on Edurank in 2018. However, thanks to changes on the platform’s API we were able to bring it back. Although this year Instagram won’t feature in the award categories that are determined by our algorithm, institutions can submit their Instagram account and we will award the one our Edurank team judge as the one that made the biggest impact in 2018. Is there something special you have run on the platform this year? Have you been doing something really innovative with your micro-influencers that have seen real results?

TIP: Instagram is such a wonderful, creative space, we would love to see fantastic creativity that aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

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