Matt Payne

3 years ago

Rugby School continue to go from strength to strength, securing top spot in the Independent School charts for the third consecutive month. We spoke to PJ Green, Marketing and Digital Communications Officer at the school, to find out how they have achieved this success over the last few months on Edurank.

Here’s what PJ had to say:

Other than Edurank are there any other tools you use to keep track of the success of your digital marketing activity?

I often use the inbuilt functions such as Facebook’s Insights. I think it’s good to know how many people are seeing things and their engagement rates.

Tell us a little more about your social media marketing activity; where do you take inspiration from? What is your most successful channel? How does it contribute to your overall digital marketing strategy?

I’ve taken most of my inspiration from large internet companies. One in particular has an interesting method – I think their creativity is the most important thing I try and emulate. Being creative helps a huge amount with social media marketing.

What does social media marketing success look like to you? What sort of metrics do you set yourself in order to measure how successful your activity is?

Getting an award from Edu Rank, that was a good metric of success I think. Other than that I decide if it’s been a successful post by the engagement rate,  if it isn’t good enough I have to find out why and be creative with the next post to see the difference.

Which groups of students tend to engage the most with your social media activity; current students, prospective students, alumni or a mixture? What type of content do you find is consistently the most engaging?

It varies from platform to platform. Instagram is nearly all current pupils and they love to see when current pupils are successful. Facebook and LinkedIn are often former pupils and they love to see current school success as well as being updated on what is going on with other alumni.  Twitter seems to be a melting pot of everyone which is great I think.

What are your favourite marketing resources and why do you find them useful?

Podcasts, that discuss marketing can be a great help because you can listen to them whilst doing other things. I’d suggest finding a few you like and, I also think, find one where the hosts are continuously mixed up so you can hear different opinions.

The world of social media and the seemingly limitless engagement options it presents are ever evolving, what’s next for you? Are there any platforms you are keen to start using which perhaps you aren’t already?

As of yet no, I’m constantly looking though. I don’t think any existing ones are perfect so I’m sure they will come along in time. We have a few big projects upcoming which are very exciting, one has already started, our Global Pass, so check #globalpass2017 if you’re interested.

When did you start using Edurank?

I inherited it, thankfully, when I started a year and a bit ago and it’s been fascinating since.

Why is Edurank important to your digital marketing efforts and what features do you use on a monthly basis to help monitor your efforts?

Everyone likes to know where they rank I think. Strangely that might be my favourite: if we drop why did we drop? Then I would look at more in depth statistics that are provided. The same goes for staying level and climbing. You have to know why.

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