Matt Payne

4 years ago

You’ve been after it for a while, but the time has come to share the meaningful data that powers Edurank to our UK database. This intelligence will let you identify opportunities and insights, to make sure your institution’s content is breaking through on a manic newsfeed or timeline.

Here’s a little taste of what our data can tell you about social media marketing in the education sector…

When should you be posting, to get the best levels of engagement?

Your institution needs to be able to identify where the white space and gaps are, to allow your content to shine through. Our Edurank daily data tells us that the most popular time of day to post (at the moment) is Thursday afternoon for Universities, Colleges and Business Schools.

Although this is the most popular time for institutions to post (perhaps because it is the only available time for many in a working week), it doesn’t guarantee you the best engagement levels. Universities and colleges see the most engagement on a Tuesday morning – while Business Schools enjoy the most on a Sunday. A university’s engagement on Sunday also appears to be pretty high too. You need to be maximising this insight and post while your competitors still publish at times where prospective and current students are less active.

Engage with various audiences with different types of content, on different platforms

On Facebook, links to articles generate the highest levels of engagement for Business Schools. So, if you’re an HEI, looking to promote your business courses, then perhaps sharing an article to a piece of research will perform better with that particular demographic and allow you to compete with Business Schools.

Over on Twitter though, Business Schools enjoy the most engagement from GIFs. These type of institutions should not shy away from light hearted content on Twitter, perhaps saving their more serious posts for Facebook instead.

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Edurank Award winners, the University of Cambridge, joined our team of experts to discuss how they use the Edurank’s daily data to maximise the quality of their social media marketing and stand out from the crowd against their key competitors.

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