Eleana Davidson

2 years ago

Edurank Awards 2020

As you all know, we recently announced the Edurank Award winners 2020. From our six categories, we selected 16 universities to be shortlisted, and from there, our Student Panel chose those worthy of taking home the gold. 

In our latest blog series, we’ll be taking each category and putting it under the microscope, to run through why these institutions made the shortlist, what’s great about the campaigns, and what we can all learn from them. 

This week, it’s the Best Campaign Supporting Student Wellbeing.

University can be a challenging time for students; navigating a new city, social life and academic pressures can be too much to handle at times. That’s why it’s so important that institutions care for the wellbeing of their students, and offer support where necessary. At Edurank, we love to see institutions engaging with new platforms to really engage with their student audience, and reach them in the right places. Wellbeing is an ongoing consideration, and the following universities really got it right this year by truly understanding their students, and providing the support they needed. 

The winner

University of Chichester

We all know that students love a challenge. The University of Chichester launched a 30-day challenge for their students and staff, called #30DaysofKindness. The campaign included interactive social media posts and TikTok videos, and provided a simple way for students to get involved, giving them a break from studying and acknowledging other important aspects of student life. 

The campaign opened up a greater discussion among the students. Together, they shared their mental health tips and offered to support others through group sessions, encouraging people to speak out and break the stigma surrounding mental health. This campaign created a safe space for people to share their experiences and feel connected to others who have had the same experiences. As well as supporting their current students, new students could get a feel for the support networks already in place, and be reassured that their wellbeing would be supported throughout their time at university.

The runners up

Plymouth Marjon University 

Plymouth Marjon has really harnessed the power of TikTok to resonate with students. They created a student-driven campaign, with students sharing their tips and tricks on how to start university the right way. Short and informal to watch, Marjon’s TikTok videos reassure students that they are not alone, and help to prepare them for any challenges they may face while at university, which can be a daunting experience. Learning how to live independently and moving to a new city can be mentally and physically draining, but Marjon’s student ambassadors helped to smooth the transition process. 

Not only do the videos cover going to university and the necessary preparations, but they also cover more specific topics once at university. It is the versatility of the videos that make them so successful; freshers can also get to know their society members through informal TikTok Q+A’s, alongside messages from the SU, to keep up to date and in sync with their favourite activities. They’ve now got over 1,000 followers, a major feat for a university with fewer than 3,000 students! 

The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University 

The first to launch a student-led branded podcast in the UK, Manchester Met’s ‘How to Fail Your Degree’ podcast is readily accessible through Spotify for students to dip in and out of when needed. The informal, chatty nature of the podcast is what has made it so successful; students really feel connected to the hosts after a few listens. 

The podcast shares students’ opinions on the previous episode’s topics via Instagram stories, which are then shared in the next episode. It is this connection to other students and other people’s experiences that really helps students to cope with university. The anonymous nature of the Q&A sessions helps students voice their deepest concerns about uni life to people who have been through it and have the answers. And the listeners get to hear this useful advice too. No awkwardness for the students, and improved wellbeing. Win, win. 

We loved receiving these entries and hearing about all the brilliant initiatives that these institutions have used to get students more in-tune with their wellbeing, both physical and mental. Congratulations again to the University of Chichester, Plymouth Marjon University, The Union at Manchester Metropolitan University, and all our other 2020 winners and finalists.

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