Eleana Davidson

2 years ago

Edurank Awards 2020

As you all know, we recently announced the Edurank Award winners 2020. From our six categories, we selected 16 universities to be shortlisted, and from there, our Student Panel chose those worthy of taking home the gold. 

In our latest blog series, we’ll be taking each category and putting it under the microscope, to run through why these institutions made the shortlist, what’s great about the campaigns, and what we can all learn from them. 

This week, it’s the Best Campaign Supporting Sustainability.

Climate change matters to students. Scientists and public figures have spoken openly about the impact that we are having on our environment, and we should all look to be more sustainable. So, which institutions have succeeded in supporting sustainable causes?  

The winner

De Montfort University

With the inspirational talks of Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough at the forefront of our concerns, De Montfort University is a worthy nomination for the sustainability award. To celebrate the arrival of 2019’s freshers, they pledged to grow trees in the National Forest to offset their carbon footprint, and they encouraged students to start gardening by providing them with a ‘grow pack’. Not only does this encourage students to grow their own vegetables and herbs for cooking, but it also creates a discussion around the broader issues of climate change, which so many students care about.

The emphasis on sustainable living at De Montfort doesn’t end there. With many targets set to reduce their carbon footprint and engage in more sustainable measures, this university is an environmentally conscious student’s dream. To supplement their green campaign, the university took to social media to post pictures of their progress in planting trees and making the campus more sustainable. Students don’t just go to university to get a degree; they go for the lifestyle, the campus culture and the location. De Montfort show their commitment to and support of sustainable causes through showcasing their beautiful green spaces on social, highlighting just how important the environment is to them. 

The runner up

University of New South Wales

With sustainability at the heart of student concerns, the University of New South Wales’ dedication to divest from fossil fuels earned huge support from staff and alumni, in addition to students. Students had their voices heard via the Instagram campaigns, through simple polls or comment sections, asking for their input. Students can see how their ideas are being implemented in real time via social media and Instagram stories, making them feel included and listened to. 

At university, students want to feel a part of something bigger. Through engaging with the students, and giving them a say in how their university operates, UNSW provides a unique fast feedback loop that fosters student engagement. We all want to be a part of the change, don’t we?

We’re so pleased that sustainability is becoming more and more integrated into the priorities of student bodies and their universities. Congratulations again to De Montfort, the University of New South Wales, and all our other 2020 winners and finalists.

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