Eleana Davidson

2 years ago

Each month we see social superstars gracing the top of the Edurank leaderboards, with their campus-porn Instagrams, star alumni tweets and full of life student takeovers. 

Recently we’ve seen Oxford University sharing their inspiring Borneo student excursion and the University of Hull with their almost-insta-famous duck family portraits. 

But this month an entirely new face lay claim to the gold of the Edurank Twitter rankings. The number one institution which best performed on Twitter was in fact not an institution at all and doesn’t actually exist. 

Bantshire asked and we delivered…

Bantshire University is a parody account that has caught the attention of almost every education marketer in the UK (and beyond). The Banksy of the education social media world, with their searing observations, holds up a mirror to our sector and pokes fun at the nonsense that can be student marketing. 

Us education marketers love the fact that this anonymous account can say the things we can only think. And the love and engagement of Bantshire’s Twitter account resulted in them securing top spot with a perfect Edurank Twitter score of 100. 

Edurank rewards the engagement consistency in relation to size of the audience which is why you may notice their absence in the ‘Top Posts’ section of Edurank. The University of Glasgow came out on top with 2,358 favourites and 927 people talking about their wildlife influx tweet. 

But their constantly engaging social presence on Twitter with content that resonates to an audience of grateful education marketers and academics (and us in software and agency land) means they landed Twitter gold for that month.

And that’s what matters in a brilliant content strategy, right? Bantshire’s Edurank Performance demonstrates that good content that engages with the right audience on the right platform generates results. Bantshire focuses on Twitter as this is where us education marketers spend our work time.  

But what is Bantshire? A brand or influencer for a brand?

We didn’t make a deal out of Bantshire being added to Edurank, we left it for other people to find out what we did and just waited to see what would happen. It was risky, but we don’t have SMT having to sign off everything we do, so we can be pretty brave/reckless!

And here we are. Nearly 1,000 engagements (across Twitter and LinkedIn) about the news of them securing the top spot on Twitter once Bantshire themselves got actively involved. And the news about making Edurank became Bantshire’s 2nd most engaging post (the most engaging wasn’t really about education!) on their timeline.

But Edurank as a brand benefited from the halo effect of Bantshire’s engagement with a 500% increase in website traffic the week after the news alongside a huge increase in the number of sign-ups for the Edurank platform.

In our own small way, Edurank experienced the power of what can happen when you align with a strong voice.

We’ve had our fun, so from next month, business will resume as normal, awarding the (genuine) institutions that work their socks off to resonate with their student audiences.

Before we sign off, we’d love to celebrate and thank Bantshire University for their continuous humour in a time when we needed smiles put back on our faces.