Lois King

1 year ago

Results Day was slightly different this year, with more students than ever receiving their expected grades or above. But that still meant that many were looking to apply through Clearing, presenting major opportunity for institutions. And what better way to attract these students? With social media, of course. 

Social platforms were buzzing on 10 August this year, with universities vying to showcase their campuses and welcome students who secured a place. But which institutions pulled through with their creative strategies to make an impression on the students? Let’s take a look at what worked. 

1. Bournemouth University took to live stories

What better way to get students excited about the start of term than with campus and accommodation tours? Bournemouth did just that, showcasing the different options available.

Akero’s Student Pulse findings from August revealed that cost is the greatest concern for students going to university, and a key factor in their decision-making process. After tuition, rent is one of the biggest expenses students face. By showing students the range of options available to them, in addition to any support services when it comes to choosing accommodation, is key to addressing these concerns. 

2. The University of Bristol sought inspiration from TV

For those inspired by the Olympics, the University of Bristol’s Instagram stories were full of wonder. The institution showcased the alumni who went onto the Olympic games this year, not only exhibiting the university as anything other than ordinary, but also highlighting the extracurricular opportunities available at the institution. 

This strategy worked for those students who were still left unplaced in the Clearing limbo, who knew the academic prestige of the institution but needed to hear (or see) that extra value proposition to commit to a place. 

3. Lancaster university passed the mic over to the students

User-generated content has always been a hit with Gen-Z. Students love seeing content created by people of the same age and trust their first-hand accounts. By placing current students at the forefront of their social media channels, Lancaster University’s Instagram was filled with vloggers and TikTokkers alike, all creating content on what it’s like to study there.

Placing the focus on the students and looking to the future is the aim of Results Day. Universities that encouraged optimism around September and inspired those who were still yet to decide were the real winners in 2021. 

What will Clearing 2022 bring? Stay tuned to find out.