Matt Payne

1 year ago

We’re halfway through 2018, and the social media content we have seen this year continues to get better and better from Colleges and Universities, all over the US of A. This month we are looking at the big players, the top dogs, the rising elite… ok, you get the idea.

Here’s a breakdown of the top four institutions in our US Edurank chart.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University jumped three spaces to top the Edurank charts for June. The University delivered a tweet which generated an impressive 1000 likes and 260 retweets. Texas A&M University shared a news article which outlined the number of former students that worked on The Incredibles 2 movie. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the success of their alumni, which may attract other students to apply in the fall. The Institution has included the official Twitter handle of the Incredibles movie, as well as using the #TheIncredibles2 hashtag; both are excellent tactics for making sure a Tweet reaches as many people as possible. To top it off, the University has also included a GIF (from the movie) to help the content stand out on a busy feed. With so much content appearing around the clock on Twitter, it’s important to deliver something which is going to stand out and catch the user’s attention.

Mayo Clinic of Health Sciences

This institution finished in second place for June, with an excellent score on Facebook. The Clinic shared an article from their website, which revealed how they helped a lady who was suffering from a brain aneurysm. The report has been teased in the Facebook post, which will prompt readers to click through and visit the website; a great way to boost traffic figures. The post was shared nearly 400 times, as Facebook users would want to pass this positive story to their own following; perhaps even to others who are suffering from the same condition. This is also an excellent way to show off to prospective students the standard of the Clinic, which could be a deciding factor in whether they apply. Going forward the Institution could look to get involved in the conversations surrounding this post, via the comments. This would help them build up more of an online presence, and perhaps encourage more students to enroll.  

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most consistent institutions in Edurank, having finished in the top three (or better) for every month this year. The University shared a striking image of summer at the University, to mark the summer solstice. It’s great to see that the institution has credited the photographer of the image, which hints to their followers that all photos are created in-house and not outsourced… giving off a real sense of community. These types of posts work well on Facebook as it has sparked a friendly conversation (within the comment section) about the weather, new students and, most importantly, how to apply for a scholarship for one of Harvard’s graduate programs. Just like the Texas A&M University, Harvard should also look to comment on their posts themselves; this could be the perfect opportunity to reach out to more prospective students and direct them to any relevant information on the website.

Strayer University

Strayer University has remained in the top four and achieved 100/100 on YouTube. Their top performing video was footage from a commencement speech, which included a guest talk from US sensation, Queen Latifah. This is an excellent opportunity to share inspiring content to prospective, current and former students. Having a famous guest speaker is a unique way for Colleges and Universities to show off their prestige, which might appeal to future first-year students, who have yet to decide where they want to study. Not only that, Queen Latifah fans, in general, would enjoy watching this content too – regardless of their connection to the University.

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