Eleana Davidson

2 years ago

Summer has finally come to an end and it’s time to bid farewell to holiday mode—those who are fortunate to have the summer off anyways. Whether you’re in admissions, marketing or any other team, it’s that time of the year to mentally prepare yourself for a productive autumn term semester. 

Let’s take a look at which colleges and universities rose through the ranks along with a perfect Facebook score last month. Maybe you could learn a thing or two.

Abbey College Cambridge

Thanks to a perfect Facebook score, this college climbed 383 places among the ranks and landed #6 on the charts. August was a busy month fo ACC as they created new Facebook posts almost daily to congratulate the students who’ve been accepted to their desired university of choice after receiving their stunning A-Level results. Each post highlights the students’ achievement by announcing their higher education destination. Through hashtag #abbycollegecambridge and other hashtags, such as #alevelresults2019 and #abbeycamsuccess, ACC celebrates their student’s success and reaches a wider audience.

University of Hull

The University of Hull also obtained a perfect Facebook score last month, which helped them move up the overall ranks to #4. One of the highest engaging posts was a vibrant image captured on-campus that contained strikingly bright and bold colours that highlighted the beauty of the campus and gave off a high-spirited sentiment, full of nuance. The caption of the image—’Bring back the sunshine please’ — deeply resonated with their target audience who long for summer to stick around all year long and adopted a tone of voice that students will recognise. Who doesn’t love a beautiful warm sunny day – 19,000 students certainly do.

Cambridge University International Profile

August was a great month for Cambridge University International Profile, also known as Cambridge Assessment International Education, as they achieved a perfect score across all three social media platforms and secured #1 in the ranks. Their relentless effort to create and promote positive content via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube not only increases brand awareness but greatly promotes engagement. With their consistent use of hashtags, it enables the institution to build a community and keeps their online followers, prospective and existing students engaged and together all in one place. Additionally, their total followers across all three platforms are 16% higher than the sector benchmark, positioning them right behind the sector leader. The post that had the highest engagement was from Facebook, as they promoted an upcoming podcast that aimed to address questions from students that are interested in studying at CUIP and also allows a value and knowledge exchange between senior academics which is inspiring to their student body. A podcast is a fantastic way to give a human voice to your brand and warm up any potential students who are currently on the fence pondering whether your institution is the right choice for them. Also if executed correctly it can be a great opportunity for content shares on social media, where listeners can hear a particular quote or stance on a topical debate that they really resonate with and share with their audience. Why not add a podcast to your 2020 online strategy? 

Brighton College

This independent school also rose through the ranks with a perfect Facebook score and landed #6 on the board. They kept their Facebook wall busy throughout August by sharing their student’s amazing achievement on their A-level results and GCSE results. You can tell that the student’s expression for each image is filled with pride and enthusiasm, as they yielded spectacular test results. Not only the students’ are proud but the College as well. This combination of a platform-specific image card that is shareable and showcases the genuine excitement of the school of their students is a fantastic and effective way of giving a personality worth following to your brand. After all, who doesn’t appreciate hard-working, high-achieving students? This type of content is also designed to promote inspiration and motivation to prospective pupils that hard work does pay off. 

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